9+ Parent Fails You'll Understand If You're Also Sleep Deprived

If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that having kids is exhausting. Every parent knows that toddlers and children are more tiring than they are anything else. And, when mom and dad are at their most tired, they let a lot of things slide. Sometimes, we miss a few messes that our kids (and we) make — but, we've all been there. Am I right?

This dad who totally forgot to put a mug under his coffee maker.

Nothing says exhausted like actually forgetting to put a cup there for your coffee and still hitting that "brew" button. Yikes. A whole mess to clean up AND no coffee.

This mom who couldn't find her dang pen... when it was in her shirt.

It's the tale as old as time: we put our glasses on our heads and spend 10 minutes looking for them. Or, we have our keys in our hands and we scream at our husbands to help us find them.

This mom who forgot she warmed up pancakes in the microwave... two days ago.

Nothing like leaving food you're making in the microwave for a few days to sum up a typical "mom fail." At least they weren't something super stinky, am I right?

This dad who accidentally put the ice cream in the microwave instead of the freezer.

The real sad part is this entire ice cream is definitely melted and nasty now. But, that's a typical tired dad fail — putting things back in the wrong spot. Yikes. No good.

This mom who grabbed the wrong socks.

Trying to get dressed when you're a tired parent is a real struggle. Nothing like grabbing your kid's socks that will barely fit on your toe to make it a true tired morning.

This dad who put the power drill away...in the fridge.

Why not start a home improvement project when all of your kids are home? Bad call, we all know that too many kids around makes us a bit crazy. So crazy.

This mom who accidentally put her Emergen-C in her coffee instead of her water.

We all know the Emergen-C tablets cause a bit of fizz — but it definitely doesn't belong in coffee, that's for sure. This one is going to be really fun to clean up.

This dad who left his car keys in the door for 5 straight hours.

Nothing says, "I'm an overtired dad" like locking your car door and leaving the keys in there for... well... five straight hours. Lucky no one stole the whole car away!

This dad who totally forgot about the cookies.

Clearly forgetting the cookies in the oven is an all-time "parenting brain" issue. These bad boys look like Oreos, that's how burnt they are. Throw the whole batch away and start over!

This mom who walked all the way to the car with her shirt completely unbuttoned.

We miss a few buttons from time to time when we're exhausted in the morning. Nothing like giving the neighbors a good fashion "show" in the morning on our way to work.

This dad who put the baby bottle top on the wrong milk.

That's definitely going to be way too big for your little one to lift up into his mouth, dad. Better luck next time!

This mom who threw the whole bottle of fabric softener into the laundry.

I guess those sheets are going to be super soft now, am I right? I wonder if she realized when she heard the whole bottle clanking around the machine for hours.

This dad who tried making his kid breakfast and himself coffee at the same time.

All he wanted to do was start the coffee, but his kid asked for Cheerios and the next thing he knows, there's Cheerios in the coffee maker. Not a good look.

This dad who hung the play keys on the real key holder.

Cleaning up the toys, your brain goes into overdrive. That's when you put your kid's play keys up with your actual car and house keys — total parenting fail.

This dad who forgot the baby bottles were in the oven.

Many parents dry their baby bottles in the oven to get them done quickly. However, this poor dad forgot that the bottles were in there and then started to pre-heat the oven. Those bottles didn't stand a chance.