11+ People Who Should Have Just Have Ordered Takeout

You know the phrase, "Throw in the towel"? Well, I truly wish these people had done that. Or just thrown the towel out, because my goodness.

These people were way better off ordering takeout. And maybe never touching the stove again. Not only for their safety, but for the people around them.

Also, for the record: I can't boil water. I'm roasting in solidarity, okay?

Those two foods don't even look alike.

Reddit | bumbeel

So, here's what happened: According to Reddit user bumbeel:

"My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker, been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook."

How do you mix up PINK salt and rice? How does that happen?

This just in: stoves can be hot.

Reddit | dasdingo1989

I can see how this is an easy thing to forget. No, I really can! Cooktops like that are a little deceptive. RIP to that colander, though. It lived and died with dignity.

The saddest splatter of them all.

Reddit | Bonsee

First of all, that splatter kind of looks like a whale splashing in the water.

Second of all, it's actually the sad remnants of a dropped steak. Rest in peace, you poor piece of meat.

This bacon deserved better.

Reddit | alexofgr8

Aw man. This person tried to cook a nice dinner for their girlfriend, but forgot about the bacon. I guess you could sell it as being caramelized?

Pillsbury is quaking.

Reddit | OwlLeeOhh

So, according to OwlLeeOhh, their husband usually bakes the cinnamon rolls. And I just have to ask: Did the can not come with baking time instructions? Because, wow, this takes true talent.

I can't decide if this is genius or not.

Reddit | firstaccount212

"Realized too late into cooking that my Fiancée took all the skillets when she moved out, thus the baking sheet-griddle," firstaccount212 wrote.

I'm torn between wondering why they didn't give up, and admiring that level of ingenuity.

This stove deserved better.

Reddit | Dadality0628

The first night in their home, Dadality0628's wife accidentally cooked a plastic bag right onto their brand new stove. I cannot even fathom the amount of work it's going to take to get that off.

Blew it on the last lap.

Reddit | Ultra_Maxwell

This rice was prepared the night before. It was all ready to become a meal, and then...disaster struck. Goodbye to the many delicious things it could have accompanied.

This is a true tragedy.

Reddit | Katswift

This is so sad. It would be cool if companies who make cookware could make sure that their glass doesn't shatter when actually being used for its intended purpose... But maybe that's just me.

Well this is unfortunate.

Reddit | ride365

"You see this? This is instant oatmeal and I [expletive] it up. There is no hope for me. Stay healthy folks!" Reddit user ride365 said. He also noted that he'd eaten out every day since he was 19.

Oh boy.

Been there, done that.

Reddit | Galaxy_Wolf_099

Forgot about the pasta, and the water in it. These things happen. Now, how the bottom of that pot is salvageable is beyond me, because that pasta is really burnt on there. Good luck!

Electricity helps.

Reddit | zxvegasxz

Well, that's one way to learn that your toaster oven's timer works, even when it's not plugged in.

I'm sure the extra cooking time was used wisely. Or it was used to post this picture on the internet. Either way.

I am...disgusted.

Reddit | NighthawkE3

As NighthawkE3 said:

"One of these is applesauce. One of these is grease from a deep fryer. Guess which one I ate a spoonful of a few minutes ago."

Oh. Oh no.

This looks like it came from satan himself.

Reddit | vo_xv

Is it a sweet potato that was burned to a crisp in an air fryer, or it a crystal that came from the depths of hell?

I'll tell you what it's not: edible.

This is more of a pizza, tbh.

Reddit | skogurafsogu

"As starbucks is closed and I am craving for their quiche, I decided to cook quiche for the first time ever. It looks like I need a bigger baking pan next time." skogurafsogu said.

Egg popsicles, anyone?

Reddit | roberto4444

You know how it is. You go to crack an egg in your pan, and it turns out that your fridge turned into a freezer and completely froze your eggs.

Time to hit up Denny's.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Reddit | renampls

To avoid being splattered all over this kitchen, of course. According to renampls:

"Done with cooking for life. No idea what happened - my chicken exploded all over the kitchen today. Walls, windows, ceiling, floor... everything was covered in sticky soy sauce. I‘m still cleaning."


Are ovens okay?

Reddit | neurolegs

I know oven glass goes through some things, but my god. For it to just shatter like that? I don't know what was happening in there, and frankly I do not want to know.

This is a crime to the chicken strip community.

Reddit | aixlax

Those strips deserved a better life. They deserved to turn golden and crispy and be eaten with various dipping sauces. They did not deserve to be left overnight in a 375-degree oven.

I feel bad for laughing at this.

Reddit | juxtaposedvestibule

juxtaposedvestibule said:

"This morning I briefly set the bag with my home-cooked lunch in it on top of my car. One lesson with gravity later, I had a broken dish, ruined pastry, and a cafeteria lunch with my name on it."

HOW does this happen?

Reddit | Abusty-Ballerina-

Just...how? Okay, so here's my theory: the person who did this forgot they were cooking, left the spatula in the pan with the stove on, and then went and took a nap.

To be fair, this is not this person's fault...

Reddit | nursethalia

...But it does still suck. In the middle of cooking, the glass in the microwave fell straight out and smashed all over the stove. There's no saving that meal.