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Fans Are Divided On Miley Cyrus' At-Home 'Mullet-Pixie' Haircut

While we're stuck at home, becoming our own hairdressers has never been more tempting. Bangs need a trim? Cut them yourself! Want bangs at all? Cut them yourself! Want to go blonde, red, blue, green? Dye it yourself! Why not?

It turns out even celebrities can't avoid the risk, as Miley Cyrus' at-home haircut has proven, with fans of the singer divided on whether the exciting style works for them or not.

Sally Hershberger, Miley Cyrus' hairstylist, shared this photo on her Instagram.

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While Sally didn't do the cut herself, she wrote that, "I trained Tish well!" referring to Miley's mother, who evidently did do this cut that's been branded the "mullet-pixie." Sally added the hashtag "#virtualhaircut," implying that perhaps she was instructing Tish virtually on how to achieve this unique look.

Miley's fans are divided on whether or not they are fans of the cut.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

"I know she is on lockdown but did she have nothing but the weed whacker to cut her hair with?" one fan wrote about the unique style. Another added, "this is about the fact that her mullet looks bad lol you can’t tell me its innovative and interesting when its just tragic."

Other fans insisted that doing her hair in unique ways is part of what makes Miley unique.

Miley is known for doing experimental and unexpected things with her look, including her hair, and some people felt that fans of Miley should also be fans of her ways of expressing her self and her individuality.

"They like the most bland looks," one fan said.

"I like most of her hairstyles over the years but they only like when she’s looking basic," they continued.

What do you think of Miley's at-home haircut? I think it's actually pretty cute on her, but I definitely wouldn't be lining up to get it done to my own hair!