12+ Helpful Products That Basically Do Our Chores For Us

Who here loves chores? Definitely not me. Ha, ha! They are what they sound like and they simply need to get done... and the sooner the better, right? I'm with you on that one.

So if there are any products and gadgets that make chores a bit easier I'm so on it. I think I've found a few that will help.

1. This Laundry Bag

Urban Outfitters

Who else dreds laundry day? Ugh, I feel your pain. Let's make it as painless as possible. This awesome bag comes divided so you can easily separate all your clothes into whites, darks, colors, and gym clothes.

2. This Laundry Folder

Bed Bath And Beyond

Speaking of laundry, now that you've done it comes the most annoying part: folding it all. In order to do it a lot quicker, you need to get this folder. It's definitely a brilliant invention.

3. These Sneaker Wipes

It's always tricky cleaning the bottom of your sneakers, especially after you've been running on a wet or muddy surface. These dual-textured cleaning wipes promise to get all that grime out fast and easily. That's so cool!

4. This Drain Cover


Not only does this star-shaped silicone drain cover look super cute but it serves a great purpose. It will catch all those hairs in your drain or food particles in your kitchen sink. So handy. No?

5. This Egg Piercer


Is cooking a chore? It definitely can be if you don't do it right. So if you love hard-boiled eggs get this gadget that will pierce a tiny hole so they won't crack while cooking. Wow!

6. These Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets


If you always carry your water bottle with you everywhere, that's amazing. Staying hydrated is so important. But those bottles sure can get dirty. No worries — these amazing cleaning tablets do the trick fast.

7. This Baking Knife


My fiancé goes totally crazy for brownies, so I love to bake them for him. But it's always a challenge cutting them up and getting them out of the pan. Not if you have this knife that's designed to cut baked goods but not damage your pans.

8. This Mini Crockpot


You don't have to have a huge family to be able to use a crockpot because, guess what? There's a mini version, too. Oh my, not only it's adorable but I can use it, too. Yay!

9. This Garment Steamer


I don't think there's anyone out there who actually enjoys ironing. I know I don't. So finding a great hand-held steamer like this is really imperative. They do wonders to get all those stubborn creases out.

10. This Beard Bib


I dunno how your husband or boyfriend would feel about you getting him this bib to shave with. They always say they don't make a mess. But we know that isn't really the case. LOL!

11. These No Tie Shoelaces


I've got to admit, I never liked wearing sneakers because I'm always too lazy to tie my laces. Ha, ha! But this super cool invention solves that life dilemma real quick and I simply love it.

12. This Keyboard Cleaner


This quiet yet powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner is perfect for all your small appliances like keyboards, TVs, makeup bags, or your pet house. It will get rid of all the scraps and dust very efficiently.

13. These Pan Scrapers


Why is everything that I find so adorable? Ha, ha! Anyway, back to the purpose of this product. These cute nylon owl pan scrapers will gently remove any food particles that are still stuck to your frying pan. How could something so cute be so helpful?

14. These Hedgehog Dryer Balls


These cute little buddies will soften your laundry and help it dry faster. Just toss them in your dryer with your clothes and turn on the drying cycle. It's that easy!

I hope with these awesome and handy products you'll be all set to get your chores done in no time.

From cleaning to cooking to organizing ain't nobody got time to waste. Am I right? So let's get to it.

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