Unusual Succulent Looks Like Rocks Growing In Your Terrarium

Succulents are just so damn cool. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they're impossible to kill (please don't take that as a challenge), and there's always something new to discover about them.

For instance, have you ever heard of the Karoo Rose? Yeah, I bet you haven't. And if you have... shhh, let us nerds learn new things in peace.

So, the Karoo Rose.

Which I have read as "kangaroo rose" about 5 times now. Oops. They are whitish-pink at the base and eventually turn green, and they honestly look like a geometric, cartoon rendering of what someone thinks succulents look like.

They also sprout flowers!

Usually, it's a single, wide yellow flower, and it sprouts in the spring and fall. If you're lucky, you'll get two flowers!

Otherwise, the Karoo Rose is dormant in the summer and winter. Still cute, though!

They look like muppets when they're babies.

Etsy | MicroLandscapeDesign

No, seriously! Don't they look like Kermit's mouth? That's so frickin' cute.

To grow this cute muppet plant, you'll need loamy soil, minimal waterings, and warmer weather.

So, where can you buy it?

The answer to is simple: the greatest secret weapon people seriously overlook. Etsy! The Karoo Rose seedling is available here from MicroLandscapeDesign. They're sold individually, so maybe pick up a few!