Sperm Banks Sending Out A Red Alert As Ginger Genes In Demand

Maybe it's the rise of gingers like Sansa and Tormund on Game of Thrones or the influence of celebs like Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran, but suddenly redheads are hot again.


It's a stark difference from 2011, when a Danish sperm bank — the largest in the world — closed its doors to ginger donors because not enough people wanted redheaded babies.

Just six years later, like farmers with a rabbit problem, sperm banks can't get enough carrot seeds. 

Facebook | Ed Sheeran

A sperm bank in Australia, Co-ParentMatch, even launched the hashtag #SaveGingers in hopes of raising their crop production, saying that "Only 2 percent of our sperm donors have ginger hair." That's about on par with the population in general, for what it's worth.

Mind you, even having a ginger donor doesn't guarantee anything.

Reddit | lynnyrt

Since the redhead gene is recessive, it takes two gingers to make a third a certainty. It's entirely possible for a ginger to sprout up in a family without a redheaded parent.

So we're still a far cry from being overtaken by a fiery-locked, freckle-faced horde.

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But it's still nice to see the redheaded renaissance is continuing!

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