Quotes For People Who Own Their Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Anyone who tries to pretend otherwise is either a liar or deluding themselves.

I mean, no one likes admitting when they've done something stupid, regardless of the reason for the error. Maybe they were naive, or reckless, or just plan uninformed but afraid to ask for help; whatever the reason, the result was a mistake and actions need to be taken to correct it.

Dithering over who is to blame and who is responsible for the correction is just wasting time and energy.

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Note: I saw this quote attributed to both Groucho Marx and Elenor Roosevelt without any absolute clarity on which is the correct source. It's possible that it was actually neither of them.

Which is likely a good example of someone making a mistake a long time ago, not admitting to it, and now the error is reverberating through time and Pinterest forever.

Is making a mistake really so bad?


From personal experience, every time I've tried to hide an error I've made, it's resulted in a whole lot of extra work and personal guilt.

When I learned to just acknowledge the mistake as soon as I realized it, communicate with those directly affected by my error, and then fix it in the best way possible, as fast as possible, my life got a whole lot easier.

Am I one hundred percent perfect at owning my mistakes and learning from them? Of course not.

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But it gets a little bit easier each time and I always learn something from it. Even if that lesson is simply what not to do next time.

Mistakes can be small things, like forgetting your keys, or big things, like staying in a toxic relationship for too long.

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Or being the toxic one in said relationship.

Ultimately, mistakes come down to communication and compound the more communication fails. So before doing the thing, be willing to ask questions and get things clarified, and if a mistake does get made, own up to it and deal with it.

Refund that customer. Fix that broken item. Dump that toxic partner.

And then learn from it.