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Cameron Diaz's Instagram Fail Has Mom's Everywhere Saying 'Same'

During these unprecedented times, aren't we're all just trying to the BEST WE CAN?! Aren't we all trying to LEARN NEW HOBBIES?! Aren't we all trying to BETTER OURSELVES WITH NEW SKILLS?

You know who is for sure doing all of those things? Goddess and sunshine queen Cameron Diaz, who recently made a rare social media appearance that completely brightened our day.

As we all know by now, Cameron said BRB FOREVER to the acting world.

And by that I mean yes, she retired.

Was I devastated? Of course!

Finding out that my fav blonde bombshell will not be on the big screen anymore?! I was crushed!

Nowadays, Cameron and her hubby Benji Madden are putting all their focus on their bebe girl, Raddix, who was born back in January.

"She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family," Cameron shared.

Now, we all know Cameron isn't super active on social media, but every now and then she will make an Insta appearance and it's always ICONIC!

Instagram | @camerondiaz

Take her latest Instagram live video, for example.

While filming her live, she tried to pin and comment and honestly babies, it did NOT GO WELL!

She told her viewers: "I’m posting it, but I know I’m supposed to say ‘pin.’ So, that’s another fail on my end."

Cameron explained how she knew she was "supposed to put this in here a different way," but just ended up continuing the chat.

We stan a social media queen!

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, never forget that!!!

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