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11+ People Who Took The Quarantine To The Next Level

Some people stuck in quarantine complain about being bored out of our skulls. I find it amazing that these people simply can't find anything interesting to do.

On the other hand, there are those who literally thrive during this time and end up doing incredible things that put all of us to shame. For real. Check out these cool ideas.

1. These Funky Coronuts

Reddit | u/snpods

If your baking skills are up to par you may want to try making these homemade donuts someone made. They actually renamed them 'cronuts'. Get it? Haha. I bet they're as delicious as they look here.

2. This Balcony Makeover

Why get stuck on a boring balcony during this quarantine time when you can think out of the box and make your balcony over just like this lady did. Wow, this looks so cool and cozy.

3. This Bathtub Caddy

Reddit | u/moxdfox

If your wife has been a little down lately, take a note from this husband's playbook and consider making her this adorable bath shelf/caddy. I bet she will absolutely love this sweet gesture. Ohh, so nice.

4. This Foosball Table

Reddit | u/JrBaconChi

If you're looking for something fun to do with your kid when you're stuck inside make a foosball table out of some scrap wood, an old ladder ball game, and some action figures. This looks awesome.

5. This Mask

If you absolutely need to wear a mask but want it to be accessible. No problem. Just make a DIY version of your own like this lady did. OMG, I've never would have thought of that.

6. This Cat House

Reddit | u/horfor

This lady was totally furloughed and bored so she spent the day making an outdoor cat house for her stubborn, fat cat who likes to stay out all night. Oh my goodness, the cutest thing ever.

7. This Doodle

Reddit | u/LisiPieces

This guy has been doodling an upset cat in a costume every day of the quarantine to cheer himself up. Here's his latest. Haha. Who knows maybe it'll be worth something some day. This is some talent.

8. This Zoom Background

Speaking of talent check this guy out. I dunno just how he did it but he made a custom Zoom background of himself serving coffee to himself. Wow, I gotta say I'm totally impressed. LOL.

9. These Gelatin Flowers

Reddit | u/snpods

Who knew that the quarantine can help people pick up new skills. This lady discovered how to make flowers out of gelatin. Boy, they do look delicious. I hope they're actually edible. Seriously, so good.

10. These DIY Rugs

No way. I can't believe it. This guy made DIY rugs out of his favorite albums. How did he do that? I really want to know. This looks like a cool home project. Am I right?

11. This Cooking Pro

So you're not a cooking pro. That's okay. Take it from this guy. Sometimes you need some help and you gotta put your iPad when you really need it. That's a clever idea. No? Haha.

12. These Handmade Chocolates

Reddit | u/SpencerA1

You had me at chocolates. Honestly, I don't care how these handmade chocolates look as long as they taste good. But I gotta admit they look pretty darn good for someone who's never made them before.

13. This DIY Decor

Reddit | u/whitesciencelady

Want to make some cool DIY vases? Take it from this person who ended up putting some twine over beer bottles to make these super cute flower vases. What a great idea this is. Love it.

Honestly, whoever says they're bored during this quarantine time is seriously missing out on some opportunities. If you take an example from these creative souls you can see there's plenty of things you can accomplish being stuck at home. Absolutely.

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