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These Pigeons Are Super Fancy And Ready For Brunch

I am quickly learning that outside of North America, pigeons are pretty awesome.

Here, they're mostly an urban nuisance, but in other parts of the world, not only do they come in much more beautiful varieties, but they are even bred as ornamental or show animals by enthusiasts. Fittingly, these breeds are often called "fancy pigeons."

Jacobin pigeons definitely earn the "fancy" classification.

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Though they get their name from the ancient Jacobin monks who wore distinctive hoods, to me, they look more like a rich lady about to head out for a wintery brunch with the gals.

If you photoshopped a woman's head over this pigeon's, I'd believe there was a matching fur muff and silk gloves to complete this ensemble.

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Like most modern, domesticated pigeons, these guys are descended from wild rock pigeons. Selective breeding over generations achieved this distinct look.

Though they are beautiful birds, they aren't recommended as pets.

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Their feathery hoods obstruct their vision and constant maintenance is required to keep it looking beautiful.

They are also very territorial.

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So having more than one bird at a time requires a large area to prevent fighting among males.

Still, they sure look classier than I could ever dream of being.

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