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Color-Changing Puzzle Provides The Most Beautiful Challenge

Are you looking for the challenge of a lifetime? Interested in a puzzle that will frustrate and delight you at the same time? Then the color-changing puzzle might just be for you.

Artist Clemens Habicht designed the puzzle to mimic the shift of the skies. I think it's safe to say it does exactly that.

So, here's the key to this amazingly frustrating puzzle.


When they say color-changing, they mean it. The puzzle is made with a holographic top, so that each one shifts colors as it catches the light. So, you know, good luck with that.

It's a massive puzzle.

Clocking in at 1000 pieces, this one is gonna take you a while. Maybe pop on some Netflix while you tackle this one, or leave it out for your family to slowly solve.

The end product is so worth it, though.

Imagine framing something like this! It would constantly change depending on the angle you looked at it at. I love the idea of art that shifts constantly! It's truly a remarkably designed puzzle.

You can get yours at the MoMA's website.

Aka the Museum of Modern Art in New York. You can get yours for $99 USD, or $89 if you're a MoMA member.

Now, get to puzzling, and try not to yell at anyone!

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