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The Entire Cast Of 'Lizzie McGuire' Virtually Reuniting Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Hey now, hey now!

One of the best things for improving your overall mood during these difficult times, in my opinion, is reading headlines about the celebrities and pop culture events that you love, because there's almost definitely something going on to brighten your spirits, whether you're a fan of Broadway, a big Leslie Knope lover, or a superfan of Lizzie McGuire.

The cast of the original run of *Lizzie McGuire* virtually reunited for a table read on Instagram and it made my day.

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The cast read the script of the episode 'Between a Rock and a Bra Place' that was centered on Miranda and Lizzie buying their first bras in order to become cool and popular at school.

This was always my favorite episode!

"LIZZIE MCGUIRE retro table read!" Hilary captioned the video on her Instagram.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"We could not stop laughing reading lines from tween us... this is the first time we were all 'together-ish' in almost 18 years!" she wrote.

The cast, including the actors who played Gordo, Miranda, her parents, Sam, Jo, Kate, Matt, and Claire were all a part of the read.

"Do excuse our delayed singing..." Hilary joked.

"We will be taking singing lessons as a group to work on our craft!!" she added.

The episode's writers, Nina and Jeremy Bargiel, were also present at the read to explain the history of the episode and the show.

“I truly believe that this show was magical, and everyone that was a part of it created that ... and made this show mean so much to so many people," Hilary said on the call.

"I think we're all very grateful to have experienced that."

You can watch the reunion on Hilary's Instagram page or right here, but be warned — this show is just as funny as it was when it originally aired, and it WILL make you want to stream the entire show on Disney+.