Quotes For People Who Think Romance Is Dead

When it comes to being in love, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, love has its moments of complete bliss and euphoria—but, there are times where things are downright annoying and obnoxious.

True love isn't always "I love yous" and kisses — in fact, most of the time it's not. But, that's how you know you're really in love, right?

At least he loves the dog unconditionally.

To be honest, the love between a man and their dog is something that cannot be shaken. So, if he fills the dog's bowl from the fridge, it's just a little step to show how much he loves the dog... possibly more than you.

They truly should.

How many times can you ladies recall your man saying he cannot find something and the moment you go look for it, you find it in a split second? My boyfriend couldn't find his sunglasses that were on his head yesterday... for 10 whole minutes.

This one is sound advice.

No one wants to stay at a party longer than they have to, so if you're going to marry a social butterfly, you best believe you're going to be drinking in a corner somewhere until they're done saying hi to everyone.

A true legend.

Clearly, girls who love food are easily swayed by the gift of their favorite meal. Not all women are like this though, so, be careful who you offer McDonald's to when you're in the middle of a fight (except me, give me the nuggets).


Looks like this man truly messed up big time — so much so that his wife is willing to burn him alive in the shower for seven whole straight days. Those are some fighting words if you ask me.

Who doesn't love saving money?

They say moving in together is a true test of your love. But, let's be realistic, in this economy if we're going to be spending the night more than twice a week, we might as well split rent and save a bunch of money.

The power of online shopping.

Snow storms and quarantines may save some people money, but with online shopping, you know some of us are on Amazon more times throughout the day than we can count. It just so happens that free time leaves us wanting more!

Might as well ask her what you're wearing, dude.

Some ladies want their men to look their absolute best when they go out, and let's face it, some men cannot pick out outfits if their life depended on it. We know they'd rather go in sweatpants anyway.

Never said never.

If you have to ask yourself if you should make extra so your wife can have some, just know to make extra so your wife can have some. It's truthfully that simple—we always want to eat more than we bargain for.

How do you train them and can you teach me?

I'll take all of the money, sure, but truthfully I really want all of the grilled cheese sandwiches that he can make. And, while he's at it, I'll take a tomato soup, too.

Parenting done right.

Obviously, having M&M's in private is much more important than any conversation you would have been having otherwise. Especially because the kids will eat all of your chocolate if they see it. It's a no brainer.

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