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Quotes That The Plant-Obsessed Understand All Too Well

What was life like before, like, 2016? Pretty houseplant-less, that's for sure. Thankfully, some Millennial, probably in NYC, with an exposed brick 200 square foot apartment sipping on a chaga chai tea latte posted their own wondrous jungle of a collection to Instagram and –BAM! Like a spell that only the Sanderson Sisters could cast, people were suddenly filling their own grids with green-leaved plant children.

Now, I don't actually know how it happened, but all I know is people are still obsessed with houseplants, and if you are too, then you'll probably appreciate these quotes and memes.

Succulents are basically gateway plants.

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Once you buy your first, it's game over.

Is this not the more accurate thing about plants you've ever seen in your life?

How can a cactus legit go like hundreds of days without rain in the desert, but my little lone succulent can't take a day of firect sunlight to the face?

I thought plants were supposed to be sort of comforting?

Tbh, so selfish. At least ask me how I'm doing back!

It's sort of a scary feeling, but when you see that root starting to form, you know you can accomplish anything in life.

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Propagating is powerful.

You know you're obsessed with plants when you look for homes that your plants would thrive in.

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And yes, you would be willing to live with a poltergeist in exchange for optimal sunlight conditions.

Plants fix all of life's problems, right?

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One tear equals one new houseplant.

Plants really are the pickiest eaters!

Do you want sand in your soil? I thought you wanted sand?!