Clear Base Polish Manis Don't Have To Be Boring

Diply 31 Mar 2017

Breaking news, guys — unique, detailed manicures don't necessarily have to be colorful. Do you know how many amazing nail looks are out there that involve clear base polishes? Well, I didn't either until now, and let me tell you, I'm in need of a few more clear polishes ASAP. Manicures with clear backgrounds let you create intricate, unreal designs that will really stand out without being over the top. Curious to see what I'm talking about? Keep on scrolling!

1. This gold-studded manicure is so beautiful, I could probably stare at it all day. 

Instagram | @nailland_rika
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2. This graphic manicure is so modern and edgy. The black designs look amazing with the chrome polish. 

Instagram | @thenailartistry
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3. These clear, trinket-inspired nails are giving me serious '90s flashbacks, and I'm not mad about it. 

Instagram | @kayleighjeana
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4. This clear, silver, and gold nail design reminds me of glittering jewelry. I'm in love.

Instagram | @nail_unistella
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5. Wow. That pearly polish! Those jewel clusters! This manicure is simply phenomenal.

Instagram | @nailace
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6. Have you ever seen a more beautiful, intricate manicure that involves CLEAR base polish? I think not.

Instagram | @torrinie_nine
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