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Aldi Is Selling A Pretty Pink Sweet Watermelon Wine For Under $5

Looking for something sweet to sip on this summer? Look no further than Aldi. The German grocery chain has been keeping their alcohol section well-stocked with tasty flavors of wine to try. The best part? They're all pretty much under $10!

While tropical and citrus flavors usually get the most love in the summer, Aldi is selling a Sweet Watermelon wine to cleanse the palate.

Aldi's been pretty iconic in the flavored wine world, and their pretty pink Sweet Watermelon wine is no exception.

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It's part of Burlwood Cellars' Pacific Fruit Vineyards collection.

As you know, watermelons aren't the sweetest fruit on the market, but they are certainly refreshing.

Which makes this flavor the perfect drink to kick back and sip on this summer.

The sweet grape wine seriously looks exactly like watermelon juice, which could get dangerous.

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The fact that it's 9% ABV doesn't help!

According to many Instagrammers who have tried it, it's pretty sweet and not dry at all.

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Instagrammer @yep.aldi said, "It honestly tastes like a flavored water with a hint of alcohol 😅... little dangerous."

The best part of all? The wine is only $3.49, depending on your location.

A great tasting, cheap wine? We truly love to see it!