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Jon And Kate Gosselin's Sextuplets Celebrate Their 16th Birthday

It's hard to believe that the little sextuplet boys and girls we watched grow up on one of TLC's most iconic shows, Jon and Kate Plus 8, are already celebrating their milestone 16th birthdays!

Although the family is now strained and the sextuplets are seperated, each parent took a moment send a birthday message to their children!

If you haven't been keeping up with the Gosselin family drama, lemme fill you in real quick.


Back in September Jon sat down with Daily Mail TV. During the explosive interview, Jon was finally able to speak out out about his ex-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight children after his decade-long gag order had been lifted.

Jon called Kate a "militant" mother, saying "It's time America found out the truth about Kate, she isn't the person you think she is."

"She's narcissistic and selfish. That's it. Period," he continued.

"She always speaks for the children. They say this, they want to do this - unicorns, rainbows and look, flying pigs. It's all lies. They all have voices."

He then went on to clarify that the pair are not co-parenting.

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"It's so far from co-parenting. We don't even talk to each other... The reality is I know how to do math," he continued.

"There's two going to college. There's two that live with me full time and four live with her. I don't know where eight is coming from. It isn't Jon & Kate Plus 8 anymore, it's not even Kate Plus 8 anymore. Those things are long gone. This is a whole new world. Move past that stuff."

Now, on the sextuplet's milestone 16th birthdays, each parent took to social media to celebrate. Kate shared a photo of a "junk" cereal box, claiming that's what the teens requested for their birthday lunch.

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"Happy 16th Birthday to my half a dozen ‘Hershey Kisses’, as they were called at birth! I love you so much! You’re 6 of the sweetest things to happen to my life! Thanks for making every Mother’s Day extra memorable! (They requested ‘junk cereals’ for their birthday lunch (?!) so I got a bit carried away, as usual, and got them 21 different kinds!" she captioned the pic.

Jon took a slightly different approach, posting this text box instead of a photo:

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"Happy 16th to my six wonderful kids!! Been a long road I wish all the best!!! Wow 16!!!! Love you all!!!" he captioned the pic.