Bubble Buddies Are The Wine Accessory Every Woman Needs

There's nothing quite like a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine after a hard day. A little soft music, a scented bath bomb, maybe some candles, and you're guaranteed to feel that tension ebb away. But what if your tub has no rim safe to set that wine glass? Or, if your tub is like mine, it's too high to comfortably place the glass within reach on the floor?

Glasgow native Shannon Travers had a similar problem, but she was determined to find the solution.

After some serious researching to find a manufacturer, Bubble Buddies was born.

Bubble Buddies | Bubble Buddies

These handy holders stick to the tile wall with heavy-duty double-sided tape. It will also peel away easily when needed. Her first order was for 500 units, but they were so popular that they sold out within 24 hours!

The Bubble Buddies now come in four styles.

Bubble Buddies | Bubble Buddies

They come in white, clear, gold, and mirrored finishes to match any decor.

I'm sure you can see why these things are amazing! 

Bubble Buddies | Bubble Buddies

And as a handy bonus, you could also use the holder for bath items like toothbrushes or razors. They're inexpensive enough to merit buying more than one. What could be better?

Well, maybe one thing could make it better...

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