16+ Fascinating Finds People Shared For Us All To Marvel At

I'd say, out of the general population, most of us don't end up being archaeologists who work at dig sites discovering historical artifacts. However, that doesn't mean we can't find amazing discoveries in our day-to-day lives.

There are interesting finds just about everywhere, and thankfully, the people on this list shared theirs so we could marvel at them, too.

"Colored pencils that make a map."

Reddit | kfhansen

This is super cool, with a beautiful and detailed map for us to admire, but I can't help but wonder... How do you sharpen these?

"The corner of my book had folded in on itself before the final edges where cut, leaving one page slightly bigger than the others!"

Reddit | PandaDog96

It's like a built-in bookmark! If you're trying to go to that page and that page only, anyway.

"A gecko at my parents house with a deformed trident tail!"

Reddit | WeinerSlaaav

I actually think this makes him god of the seas now. Poseidon, you're out, this is the new man in charge.

"I found a face carved into a boulder in the Himalayan jungle."

Reddit | UncleSpoons

I've seen enough fantasy movies and played enough video games to know that face is about to start talking and is going to give you a grand quest.

"This old McDonald's honey packet in my grandma's house."

Reddit | beetea0o

The coolest thing about this one is that it's still good to eat. And it has a cute bee on it, that's a big plus.

"Divots in my basketball after 2 weeks of finger spinning."

Reddit | OthorienWHOMP

I was under the impression that basketballs were more durable than this. Only two weeks? How often do you need to replace these things?

"I found this tiny book cleaning out my grandfather’s house."

Reddit | WsntGrantedMastrRank

This looks like a tiny storybook that would be read to baby animals in a kids' cartoon, which is to say, this is adorable and I love it.

"A symmetrical color gradient in a fruit."

Reddit | littlegreycelss

Are you sure it's a fruit? Because it looks like you're holding the final riding-off-into-the-sunset shot of a movie.

"The copper in my 'copper' and 'gold' crayons corroded in my parents attic over 30 years."

Reddit | HidesTheButter

Am I dumb for not knowing there was actual copper in metallic crayons? Or am I a genius because I know this could make a great satisfying carving video if the green only covers the surface? Equivalent exchange.

"My husband ordered a used laptop and it was arrived completely packed in little paper cranes."

Reddit | kamarsh79

Does this company have a paper crane folding department? Regardless, this is great. On one hand, it's all recyclable, and on the other, you could turn these into cute decorations!

"My dog had a tick, said tick had a tick."

Reddit | Content_Performer

Man, and I thought I was a freeloader when I moved back in with my parents for the summer, but this is the literal definition of leeching. It also happens to be my worst nightmare.

"This octopus tree in the woods near my home."

Reddit | PressureToDieFor

I've never felt a stronger urge to build a fort than I do looking at this picture. Imagine this with pillows, blankets, fairy lights, it'd be perfect!

"The classic Metallica logo carved into this sidewalk."

Reddit | wormholetrafficjam

Man, someone really wanted to get the word out about Metallica. "Yeah they're pretty underground, but I promise, they're gonna get huge, watch."

"An old jacket hanging in the woods with a bird's nest built in the pocket."

Reddit | golden_blaze

Compared to a standard nest in a tree, these birds are living the high life. Unique siding, built-in insulation, extra comfort, this is a deluxe suite!

"This Crocheted stop sign post."

Reddit | rothchild1964

I always thought yarn-bombing was a really cool form of public art, and I still do! I'm just now also aware of how badly that's gonna turn when it rains. Still cute though!

"This tree ate this trail sign but left the perfect window for little hiking man."

Reddit | royalecheez

I love any instance of nature reclaiming something, and this fits perfectly as this tree is literally eating this sign.

"In the west Texas desert 30 miles outside of Marfa, there’s a stand-alone fake Prada store in the middle of nowhere."

Reddit | coffeeandcontemplate

In my heart, this place is haunted by extremely fashionable but poor ghosts. Is this place even running still? If not, how are there still things inside, and if so, why?

"This pile of deer skulls I found in the woods."

Reddit | YungAnthrew

This user posted this awfully casually for someone who just found an occult omen in the middle of the forest.

"My grandparents have a can of nothing."

Reddit | ackermanacks

At first, I was confused to the point of frustration, but then I learned that these sell for $3 and all the proceeds go to the New Hampshire Food Bank, so I rescind my frustration and now applaud it.

"This school's gates are made of logic gates."

Reddit | BTG02

While cool and fitting, looking at this without knowing what a logic gate is makes it look like the gate half-melted and warped into an alien language.

"A painted quarter I got from the bank."

Reddit | code_lazar420

There is something so wrong and offputting about this. If I ever get handed a painted quarter I'm handing it right back. I want this to be silver and silver only, please.

"A pigeon made a nest out of old material from around a chemical plant."

Reddit | DKSdroppinbeets

Apparently this is incredibly common for pigeons in city areas. They have to use something, right? I hope you left them some fabric scraps or soft grass, anything more comfortable than wires and plastic.

"The size of the mushrooms in my yard."

Reddit | Drunken_Herald

That's way too close to a fairy ring for my comfort. Yeah, they look cool, but please admire them from afar, unless you want to be transported to the fairy realm.

"The red coloring on coke boxes has permanently stained the shelves at my local store."

Reddit | dumbusername

I was going to make a joke about how Coke will make us remember it long after it's gone, but I truly believe Coca-Cola will be the last remaining substance or evidence of human existence on earth. That stuff is eternal.

"My dad’s knife has a cover with a combination lock."

Reddit | GamingBotanist

Normally I'd be baffled by something like this, but I recently learned about the complex world of cooking knives and, boy, can those things get expensive. Protect your valuables.

"This tree growing out of a tube."

Reddit | Reudig

Talk about living out of spite. "Oh, you wanna keep me in a tube? I'll show you. As soon as I'm out of here I'll show all of you!"

"My laundry room once featured the Musak service."

Reddit | haveanother2

If you don't know, Muzak was a brand that specifically made and distributed background music for retail stores. Think elevator music. The company still exists, but they've understandably broadened their library.

"A cherry just grew alone in the middle of my tree."

Reddit | Hyrla

This is apparently a phenomenon called Cauliflora, when a plant blooms from the trunk or main stem. I think it's a little gift this tree is giving you as a thank you for being so nice to it.

"All the seeds in the bottom of my bird feeder sprouted."

Reddit | okayikes

You must be buying some terrible birdseed if the birds stayed away for so long it sprouted. Chat to a few, see what their preferences are, update your menu.

"The color change between my horse's summer and winter coat is neat."

Reddit | PaperPonies

Like many people in the comments, I didn't know that horses even had winter coats, let alone could change color. I wish their winter coat was more like a dog's, though. Imagine a giant, fluffy horse.

"In the driverless metro in Copenhagen there are fake buttons in the front for children to play with."

Reddit | poletten

This is very cute, but I'm more hung up on the fact that they have driverless trains! But also, I'll be damned if I wouldn't play with those buttons, too. The power, the speed.

"A nice wren couple moved into a hiking boot in my parents' garage, and today their family grew by 5!":

Reddit | sarahaflijk

How sweet! I think a housewarming gift is in order. Or a baby shower gift? Chick shower? Some seed or worms should do just fine.

"This shadow from two different trees in my parking lot."

Reddit | UnholyFire23

This looks like one of those fancy modern shadow/light art pieces that gets projected onto the sides of buildings. Wait, is it that? Are we sure it's not?

"My dad found my mum's old game boy from 1992 and it still has battery left."

Reddit | maxmcFayden

Man, batteries really used to be built to last. My phone can barely make it through a day even if I hardly touch it, but this thing held power for almost 30 years!

"I found a 14 year old Guinea Pig grave in the woods."

Reddit | Dr_King_Shcultz

You can tell this guinea pig was well-loved. How long it lived, the craftsmanship of this grave where it can still be read, the fact that there's a grave at all. I'm sure she lived an awesome life.

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