Bake Tiny, Fancy Cakes That Rival Cupcakes With These Mini Tiered Cake Pans

You are unprepared for how cute these cake pans are, you guys.

Society has now progressed past the need for cupcakes or cupcake pans. Why? Because these tiny tiered pans exist.

Look at this!!!


It's a tiny tiered cake! It's tiny! It's tiered! And it's cake! I am very excited right now.

This is the Multi-Tier Cake Pan from Chicago Metallic. I'm obsessed.

It makes the cutest cakes ever.


Look at how cute they are! These tiered cakes have tiny fondant tiers on them! They're about the same size as cupcakes, and each cake pan makes four perfect cakes.

Reviewers love them.


The cake pan has rave reviews. The only complaint is that there are only four cakes per pan! Many commented that a spray isn't necessary to get them to release from the pan.

You can get yours on Amazon.

Oddity Mall

It retails for $26. Now, get those fondant rollers out, break out the icing, and get ready to have a good time making tiny cakes you can probably shove in your mouth in one bite.