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Someone Asked Vanessa Hudgens Out On The Subway Without Recognizing Her

If you were to meet your favorite celeb, chances are high that you'd be at a loss of words.

You would barely muster out a "hello," much less ask them out to drinks on Friday night.

But what if you asked out a celebrity without knowing they were a celebrity? It would certainly make things easier, wouldn't it?

Well, that exact scenario happened to a TikTok user and we've got the video to prove it!

This is Vanessa Hudgens.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that she's a singer, actress, and former Disney star of the High School Musical series.

Despite being a huge star, though, she's not always recognizable.

Proof of this popped up recently when a guy on TikTok went viral for not recognizing the star two years ago.

This guy is restaurant manager Manuel De Los Santos.

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It was his friend, Carlos Julio Morillo, who posted the video on his own account last week and narrated it, too.

"Okay, so my friend decided to join some random girl who was dancing to live music on the New York subway station," Carlos began.

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"Afterwards, they hopped on the train and started talking. He thought they hit it off."

Hudgens told the guy that her name was Vanessa and that she was a Broadway actress.

TikTok | @carlosjuli0

All true, BTW!

She made her Broadway debut in the lead role of a stage version of the 1944 novella Gigi by Colette in 2015.

Since then, she's also starred in *Grease Live* and *The 24 Hour Plays*.

Instagram | @vanessahudgens

Anyways, what matters is that Manuel had no clue that he was talking to Vanessa Hudgens of, you know, High School Musicial fame.

That's clearly what made the guy not nervous to do what he did next: ask her out.

"He started flirting right away, but she mentioned that she had a boyfriend."

At the time, this was Austin Butler.

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The longtime pair split at the beginning of 2020 after nine years together.

This was reportedly due to long-distance and scheduling conflicts.

Once people started coming up to Vanessa and asking for selfies, Manuel finally realized who she was.

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He was talking to Vanessa Hudgens!

Mind. Blown!

People were so shocked that Manuel didn't recognize her from the get-go!

TikTok | @carlosjuli0


Some even believed that the video was fake.

TikTok | @carlosjuli0

This led Vanessa to post a reaction video to it on TikTok.

In it, she pointed at herself when Carlos talked about it really being her.

Her video also caused a lot of reactions from surprised fans.

Instagram | @vanessahudgens

"Most people can't believe he didn't recognize her," Carlos told BuzzFeed.

In case you're wondering why Vanessa was at the New York subway to begin with, this can be explained by several theories.

For one, she's not the first celeb to ride the subway. Keanu Reeves does it all the time!

It just shows how down-to-earth and humble some of them are.

Secondly, since it looks like Vanessa was wearing a wig under her baseball cap, maybe she was simply undercover.

She wouldn't be the first to do so, as Jimmy Fallon has a segment for his late-night TV show about busking with celebs undercover.

In the end, though, the crazy experience proved a very good lesson for all:

Instagram | @vanessahudgens

"Even though the video might sound like the opposite, don't put celebrities on a pedestal. At the end of the day, we're all just people," Carlos said.

Amen, brother!

Watch the clip here!