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Dunkin' Is Selling DIY Donut Kits For A Deliciously Fun Activity

Donuts make everything better, don't you agree? There's a reason why donuts have been enjoying their time in the spotlight following the cupcake obsession of the early 2010s.

Leave it to the G.O.A.T. of America's donuts, Dunkin', to bring some happiness to people's homes with their DIY donut kits.

If puzzles and *Animal Crossing* are starting to get a little tired, set a table cloth down, round up the fam, and order a DIY donut kit from Dunkin'.

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How fun is this?

The kits come with plain donuts and an assortment of sprinkles and icing flavors.

The kits were actually created by San Fransisco Bay Area Dunkin' employee Norma Valkenaar.

Twitter | @dunkindonuts

She thought it would be a great idea to surprise her two nephews with the kits, and they definitely put a smile on their faces.

Soon, Dunkin’ franchisee Matt Cobo's own family began delivering them to their own friends and family, and it took off.

Participating Dunkin' locations across the country are offering the kits, so make sure you call your local shop to see if they're selling them!

It seems that each participating location is creating their own kits at different price points, so definitely call your local store to see what they're offering.

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What restaurant do you want to see DIY kits from next? Let us know!

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