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TikTok Users Who Happen To Look Exactly Like Celebrities

Ever since TikTok become the app to be on, people have been having fun with it.

They've enlisted their family members to memorize fun dances, dropped their towels in front of their partners to see how they'd react, and made videos to the same songs OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

We've also discovered that there are a lot of celebrity doppelgängers on this earth.

Here, TikTok users share the celeb they look like. Prepare to be blown away!

TikTok user @winniefarry says she looks like Shailene Woodley:

TikTok | @winniefarry

Whoa. We can totally see Shailene in her. They even have a similar body type!

In her video, Winnie also said that she's been told she looks like Winona Ryder, Dakota Johnson, and Mariah Amato.

Those are some good genes!

TikTok user @celina.sharma says she looks like Camila Cabello:

TikTok | @celina.sharma

They may not have their birthplaces in common (Camila is from Havana, Celina is from Australia), but they are both singers!

Celina even posts videos of her singing along to some of the star's stuff.

TikTok user @sssimplygrace says her boyfriend looks like Ryan Reynolds:

TikTok | @sssimplygrace

If this Ryan lookalike and his girlfriend ever break up, he definitely needs to date the Blake Lively lookalike!

TikTok user @maeciray says she looks like Saoirse Ronan:

TikTok | @maeciray

We'd have to agree!

This TikTok user even recreates acting scenes that the Little Women star has done.

TikTok user @PaigeNeimann says she looks like Ariana Grande:

This 15-year-old was one of the first TikTok users to make celebrity impressions a thing.

This hasn't always impressed Ariana Grande, but it is hella impressive to us.

TikTok user @cristinacapron says she looks like Blake Lively:

TikTok | @cristinacapron

Um, someone text Gossip Girl, ASAP. There's a Serena lookalike on the loose!

She's got the long, blonde hair and even longer legs to match! Cast her in the Gossip Girl reboot!

Tiktok user @Raiven187 says she looks like Billie Eilish:

TikTok | @Raiven187

One look at those haunting blue eyes and Billie is all we see.

Anyone who tries to fight us on this is a bad guy. I wonder if she can sing as well as the young pop star.

TikTok user @hairbykenzie.t has a client who looks like the female version of Nick Jonas:

TikTok | @hairbykenzie.t

If there were ever a Jonas Sister in this world, this girl would be it.

So freaky. I wonder if she has any siblings like our man Nick!

TikTok user @m.yster says he looks like Khleo Thomas:

TikTok | @m.yster

In case you forgot, Khleo Thomas played Zero in the movie Holes.

We would let this TikTok user play Zero if a remake were ever made. He's committed, after all, with his orange shirt and broom that's supposed to be a shovel!

TikTok user @mollythemom says she looks like Amy Adams:

TikTok | @mollythemom

We can definitely see it.

Molly would just need to dye her hair a bit more to match Amy entirely. Maybe she can be in a future Superman DC film.

TikTok user @dawnkey says she looks like Chrissy Teigen:

TikTok | @dawnkey

If there's one thing the world needs right now, it's definitely two Chrissy Teigens.

This girl's got the looks, but does she have a funny personality?? We need to know immediately.

TikTok user @alyssamckay1.0 says people tell her she looks like Dove Cameron:

If the real Dove Cameron ever goes MIA, we know where to find her: at the froyo machine at Menchies.

She is absolutely STUNNING. How do people get these genes?

TikTok user @maresclop says she looks like Emma Watson:

TikTok | @maresclop

We wonder what kind of sorcery was involved in this!

If you ever need your Harry Potter fix, this lookalike often posts videos of her recreating Hermione's scenes.

TikTok user @fridasakaj thinks this barista looks like Harry Styles:

TikTok | @fridasakaj

This dopplegänger has got style — Harry Styles, that is.

He was discovered when this TikTok user pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru!

Sing to me, my angel of music!

TikTok user @cakefacehaze says her boyfriend looks like Jason Momoa:

TikTok | @cakefacehaze

Um, talk about one lucky girlfriend!

Jason doesn't even have blue eyes in real life, so this guy even has a leg-up on him.

The question he as tall? And as intimidating? Hmm....

TikTok user @traumarn13 looks like Taylor Swift:

TikTik | @traumarn13

To say that Ashley looks like Taylor Swift is the understatement of the century.

Watch her give this impassioned reenactment of her favorite Taylor Swift speech and you'll swear that it's T-Swift herself!

TikTok user @aaliyahneary says she looks like Ayesha Curry:

TikTok | @aalliyyahh

Ayesha Curry's husband is Steph Curry, one of the greatest (if not the greatest) shooters in the NBA.

In this quick montage, it's plain to see that Aaliyah and Ayesha could be sisters.

TikTok user @lisabeverlyy has been told that she dances and looks like Charli D'Amelio:

TikTok | @lisabeverlyy

Charli D'Amelio is one of the most established influencers on TikTok.

She has more than 80 million followers with over 6 billion total likes.

Lisa has been told by multiple people how much they look alike.

TikTok user @poliakov71 looks so much like Rihanna it's scary!

TikTok | @poliakov71

If I bumped into Priscila Beatrice on the street, I'd be the first one to start recording on my phone. The similarities are endless!

If I were Ri-Ri, I'd hire Priscila to attend all the red carpet events that I didn't want to go to.

TikTok user @jazlynhope says she constantly gets told that she looks like Zendaya:

TikTok | @jazlynhope

Come on! This one wins, hands down.

I'm not saying that Jazlyn necessarily looks the most like her celebrity doppelganger but this pose is far-and-away the most convincing.

TikTok user @sandselenagomez has looked like Selena Gomez her entire life:

TikTok | @sandselenagomez

In a quick montage video, we see @sandselenagomez grow from the time she's a small girl into a young woman.

Every single one of those pictures could very well be Selena Gomez. I honestly can't tell the difference.

TikTok user @monikas___7 says she looks like Priyanka Chopra and the internet agrees:

TikTok | @monikas___7

TikTok user @monikas___7 does a great job of changing her outfits to match an array of different Priyanka Chopra pictures.

Without a doubt, this one is the most convincing. Her lips and eyebrows seal the deal.

TikTok user @charlottelooks is a makeup wizard and looks identical to Timothée Chalamet:

TikTok | @charlottelooks

No, that isn't Timothée Chalamet. It's makeup artist @charlottelooks! If you're unfamiliar with her work, you absolutely need to check out her page.

Her transformations are positively jaw-dropping.

TikTok user bares a serious resemblance to Anne Hathaway (with short hair):

TikTok |

This one made me smile ear-to-ear. Josiah is the spitting image of Anne Hathaway with short hair.

Throughout his video, Josiah strikes a number of different poses but this one is by far the best!

TikTok user @officialtristantaylor's friends all think he looks like Tyler Posey:

TikTok | @officialtristantaylor

I think that Tristan has nice friends!

I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just saying that @officialtristantaylor looks like Tyler Posey the way I think I look like Paul Walker on a good day.

TikTok user @edsheerandouble looks exactly like (you guessed it) Ed Sheeran!:

TikTok | @edsheerandouble

You absolutely have to check out @edsheerandouble. I don't think I need to repeat myself — you can clearly tell who he looks like.

If I was this guy, I'd walk around downtown all day with a guitar strapped to my back.

TikTok user @heyagabi thinks that Zac Efron and Kevin Zegers might be the same person:

TikTok | @heyagabi

You know those moments in life where you never notice something and all of a sudden it's like glass shattering in your brain? Well... Smash!

Zac and Kevin's faces morph effortlessly into one another. It's unfair that one person, let alone two, look this good.

TikTok user @brodatz is the perfect combination of Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas:

TikTok | @brodatz

So does that mean that @brodatz is double the rock star?

There's definitely more Nick Jonas in the eyes, but I can still see where he's coming from with the Shawn Mendes reference as well.

TikTok user @vampyjordan does Captain Jack Sparrow better than Johnny Depp:

TikTok | @vampyjordan

Is anyone else slightly afraid of @vampyjordan?

As odd as it is to say, he looks like he could also pull off Orlando Bloom circa Pirates of the Caribbean just as easily. What do you think?

Then there are all these TikTok users who decided to get together to recreate a scene of *Friends*.

This video understandably went viral because all of the actors look scarily like their acting counterparts.

Pretty freaky if you ask me.