Disaronno's New Velvet Liqueur Makes Summer Feel So Luxurious

You may have never thought to stock your home bar with Disaronno, the Italian amaretto liqueur, but you may want to think again.

They just released a creamy velvet liqueur, and its bottle alone looks like a trophy worth proudly displaying.

Disaronno transformed their classic amaretto liqueur into an indulgent cream liqueur.

Instagram | @misterhirsch

It's called Velvet, and it looks super luxurious.

According to the brand, this product is perfect for those who are cream liqueur fans and who enjoy the strong aroma of Disaronno.


Think of it as Italy's version of Baileys.

This is one to be enjoyed on the rocks or even in some espresso on a nice summer evening.

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Soon, your backyard will quickly feel like an Italian terrace.

Will you be adding this liqueur to your liquor cabinet?

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If you will, you can find it online for $27.99 and have it delivered straight to your door!

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