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10+ Female Celebs Who Were Unpopular In School

Celebrities are just like the rest of us when it comes to troublesome childhoods. Many were the victims of bullying and harassment for years.

In order to shine a light on some of the more tragic tales from the red carpet, here are 10+female celebs who were unpopular in school.

Jessica Alba

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Jessica was actually bullied by a teacher. The young girl was forced to write with her right hand, instead of her left.

“I have had a big problem with authority ever since.”

Sandra Bullock

When she was in school, Sandra was bullied for the clothes that she wore.

"I'd come back from Europe and I looked like a clown compared to the cool way the other students looked and dressed. So I got my ass whooped a little bit."

Miley Cyrus

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In her autobiography, Miley writes of her childhood woe.

“The girls took it beyond normal bullying. These were big, tough girls. I was scrawny and short. They were fully capable of doing me bodily harm.”

Mischa Barton

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Mischa had a tough go when she was younger:

"I was not popular in high school, I can definitely say that. I only had, like, three boys who were my friends and one girl. I was a bit of a loner, I guess."

Demi Lovato

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To help make herself be perceived as more popular, Lovato turned to drugs.

"To me, it was just like ‘we were just having fun, we’re kids. Everyone’s doing it, so we’re going to too.' Little did we know that there was going to be this downward spiral.”

Brittany Snow

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Brittany was bullied throughout her school years.

“AOL Instant Messenger was a big thing back in the day...where girls would get on it and make fun of me,” the actress said.

Jennifer Lawrence

It got so bad that J Law had to completely change schools on a number of occasions:

“I changed schools a lot when I was in elementary school because some girls were mean,”

Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz was supposedly bullied for being too skinny back in high school.

She ended up dropping out to pursue her modeling and acting career. I think it's safe to say she made the right choice.

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox doesn't exactly have the fondest memories of her time spent at school.

"I was bullied and it's hard, you feel like high school's never going to be over."

Christina Hendricks

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Kids were savage at Christina Hendricks' high school:

“We had a locker bay, and every time I went down there to get books out of my locker, people would sit on top and spit at me,”

Malin Akerman

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The star talks about feeling like the bullying would never end.

She even would go as far as to hide in the bathroom stalls to avoid the torment and abuse.

Taylor Swift

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Taylor still deals with bullying even to this day:

“A few years ago, someone started an online hate campaign by calling me a snake on the internet. The fact that so many people jumped on board with it led me to feeling lower than I’ve ever felt in my life."

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga once told Rolling Stone that she was bullied in high school because the kids thought she was ugly and had a big nose.

Kids are the literal worst.

Jennifer Garner

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As Jennifer recalls, “I was a real nerd. I wasn’t the popular one, I was one of those girls on the edge of the group. I never wore the right clothes and I had a kind of natural geekiness."

Anna Kendrick

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A slightly drunk Anna revealed in an interview that:

"The most common thing that I get is, 'Am I the only one who doesn't think that Anna Kendrick is pretty?' And you're like, 'No, you're not the only one. Arguably, all of the boys in my high school agree with you.'"