16 Things Melting Faster Than The Wicked Witch Of The West

Well, the hot weather is finally here, guys, making us sweaty and sticky and gross. But did you also know it affects our brains, making it harder to think straight and form rational decisions?

This is probably why someone over here, on the other side of the internet, decided that writing an article about "things that melt" was a quality idea. "Yeah, just a bunch of pictures of melting things, cause it's hot you know?" What could possibly sound more artful, more poetic, and more riveting to the heat-addled brain? So here we are. I've done my best, and I sincerely hope that you've been out in the scorching heat long enough that you, too, might find this mildly amusing.

1. I didn't know this was possible...

reddit | BrianMick

...but, apparently, if you live in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, or any other boiling hellhole, your blinds can melt

2. So can your vitamin gummies 

reddit | colonel_whiskers

One bite a day

3. Ever gotten so hot and heavy with your computer that its keys melted?

reddit | Badgerman14

If your fans are clogged with dust and you have 14 different PornHub tabs open, this can happen

4. Sorry kids, Olaf melted. But we have some naturally flavored water made from his remains

reddit | C0dyMac

You're drinking his spleen right now

5. Probably shouldn't have given him that soup

Giphy | Giphy

6. Those are some flaccid wicks 

reddit | Dvart

I once dated someone with a similar problem

7. Guess what else is melting? Our ice caps 

Imgur | FintMiller

And soon, our coastal cities will melt into the sea!

8. I feel like this page got dark really fast, so here's a different kind of Iced Cap, one that's actually supposed to melt

Twitter | @carolinevahue

9. These are important issues, guys

Giphy | Giphy

10. This is what happens when you leave the Reese's cups out of the fridge on a hot day

reddit | LovinItsWhatIGot

A beautiful hunk of divine peanut butter and chocolate that you may choose to eat or pleasure yourself to

11. This is what happens when you sit on a Reese's cup on a hot day

reddit | despoil8777

You walk around with a what appears to be a poopy butt all day

12. Maybe you've heard of frying an egg on the sidewalk, but have you heard of melting a pigeon?

reddit | satjit101


reddit | packersfan320

14. Have you ever cared so little, you just puddled into the ground? 

reddit | slucado

15. This guy gets it

Twitter | @realEGreen

What a total melt right?

16. Apparently, this is what happens when you leave your gummy bears in the car's glove compartment on a hot day 

reddit | kstiney18

17. Okay, so it's not the same car, but still...

reddit | Tactical_Llama

18. So much for a cool treat on a hot day

reddit | lascamp