10+ Disney Scenes That Ruined Movies

Make no mistake: Disney takes you to dark places. More often than we care to remember. Many of our favorite childhood flicks are stained by scenes and moments that haven't aged well.

Some were just too emotional to bear, while others are too racist to watch.

Take a look for yourselves and check out these 10+ Disney scenes that nearly ruined the movie.

1. Frollo murders Quasimodo's mother in *The Hunchback Of Notre Dame*.

Walt Disney Pictures

This literally happens within the first five minutes of the film.

It gets exponentially worse as the movie goes on. Without a doubt, this is one of the darkest Disney movies.

2. Little boys turn into donkeys in *Pinocchio*.

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Everything about this scene is horrifying; like watching a man turn into a Werewolf under the light of the full moon.

3. "The time has come," the Walrus said in *Alice In Wonderland*.

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This is one of the more brutal depictions of a cat and mouse game that's ever been.

The Walrus might as well be Hannibal Lecter.

4. When Woody broke up the band at the end of *Toy Story 4*.

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Little Bo Peep is the biggest Yoko Ono that ever was.

She took Woody away from Buzz and subjected us all to the most emotional hug in Pixar cinematic history.

5. Smashing dreams and guitars in *Coco*.

When Abuelita smashed Miguel's guitar right in front of him, it was like you could feel his joy being sucked out of his soul.

As a musician, it was painful to watch.

6. Kristoff's boy band tendencies in *Frozen II*.

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This was just plain painful and a huge missed opportunity.

They clearly should have cleared the rights with Kanye to allow Kristoff to sing 'Lost In The World' featuring Bon Iver.

7. A kiss from a creep in *Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs*.

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So first and foremost, this was definitely not consensual.

Furthermore, what would compel Prince Charming to kiss an unconscious girl? The whole scene is just gross.

As a side note: I understand she was just a young naive girl, but she still knew that the evil Queen was trying to kill her!

Walt Disney Pictures

Why would you eat anything that a haggard old witch gave you?

8. *Peter Pan*: What makes the red man red?

Walt Disney Pictures

Many of the old Disney films from the 1950s and even up until the 1980s have not aged particularly well.

This terrible song is one of the more blatant examples.

9. The savage singing colonists in *Pocahontas*.

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You can't cloak your racism in song, it just doesn't work.

This incredibly distasteful number leaves a nasty taste in your mouth that's hard to shake.

10. A long way down for Gaston in *Beauty And The Beast*.

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Ok, so maybe he did deserve it.

That still doesn't erase how shocking it was as a child to see someone fall to their death.

11. A serious pain in the neck in *Tarzan*.

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This might be the worst death that's ever happened in the Disney universe. Mostly due to the fact that it was an accident.

That and the fact that hanging is just a horrible way to die.

12. Missing lost loved ones in *Onward*.

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I'm not a huge fan of this growing trend of wrapping complex emotional subjects (like death and the afterlife) inside Pixar movies.

But even I got serious feels when Ian was trapped and couldn't hug his dad at the end of Onward.

13. When Todd is abandoned in the woods in *The Fox And The Hound*.

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This whole movie is just gut-wrenching. This scene, in particular, has some serious White Fang vibes.

It reminds me when the kid has to throw rocks at the wolf to keep him from following him. Just tragic.

14. Mufasa gets trampled to death in *The Lion King*.


This was the very first time I cried in an animated feature. This scene is still too scarring to watch, even as an adult.

Get it; 'Scar-ing'?