Kristen Bell Recorded Dax Shepard Performing 'Surgery' On Himself

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell kiss on the beach
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Look, desperate times call for desperate measures, amirite?

For some, desperate means buying your third favorite brand of vodka because your #1 is sold out... again (and if it sounds like I'm speaking from experience, it's because I am!!!)

For others, desperate times mean performing minor surgery on yourself because you can't go into your Hollywood doctor's office.


Desperate times, meet Dax Shepard!

Dax and his wife Kristen Bell are known for keeping it *very* real on social media.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

They're notoriously hilarious but also so friggin cute together!

So naturally, when Dax attempted to perform "surgery" on himself, Kristen got it all on camera.

"We're on day 'I can do my own surgery' of quarentine," she captioned the Insta video.

The actor had a pin logged into his knuckle and removed it while on the phone with his doctor, who guided him through the whole thing!

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

Kristen was of course a gorgeous source of moral support.

What can we say? Teamwork makes the dream work!

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

What do you think of Kristen's video?! Did u get the heebie jeebies like me?! Let us know in the comments below!