16 Redneck Fixes That Prove It Ain't Stupid If It Works

In an ideal world, we would have a perfectly good replacement hot and ready for us anytime something breaks. But of course, we're about as far from an ideal world as we can get right now.

So sometimes it's not just a simple matter of going to the store and getting another one. Sometimes you have to get as creative as the masters of improvised engineering on this list.

1. I suppose this person had to do something while they waited for the hot water heater to show up.

Reddit | Xplic1T

I'm almost curious to see how well something like this would actually work, but it really doesn't seem like it's good for the showerhead.

2. Finally, somebody's not letting those big bullies at Ford and GM tell them what is and isn't a pickup truck.

Reddit | BolognaPwny

If it doesn't break down when it's carrying or pulling something heavy (to be fair, that's a pretty big "if"), it's close enough.

3. If the thing that's supposed to help with mobility isn't all-terrain, is it really doing its job?

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm not sure where this gentleman is going that requires a crash helmet, but he's obviously about to conquer something more intense than this field.

4. The classic, warm sound of a vinyl record deserves only the finest of tree-house technology.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Based on the positions of his hands, it looks like this guy's practicing his scratching. Clearly, he wants to get it right before anyone else hears it.

5. It's always good to have some backup when the KitchenAid needs a little help of its own.

Reddit | [deleted]

And yeah, this probably isn't what the makers of this drill had in mind, but if it fits, its whisks. It probably has multiple settings, too.

6. This kind of thinking would make this person perfect for any post-apocalyptic survival team.

Reddit | negsteri

Everyone thinks about how they'd fight the zombies, but only someone this brilliant would turn Tupperware and a pill bottle into a way to stop hitting them on the highway.

7. This is clever and everything, but knowing me, I'd find a way to shock myself twice before I got any noise out of this thing.

Reddit | UrbanRicecake

Given the choice between this and knocking, anyone delivering a package probably isn't gonna pick either of them.

8. I'm not sure what's wrong with the grill that they'd need to do this, but I've seen worse ways to cook with an iron.

The Chive | The Chive

Besides, if you take away the context, I can see the word "ironbroiled" catching on as a meaty selling point.

9. Depending on the state, something like this during the summer would be your only solution to keep the walls from melting.

The AC Suit | The AC Suit

After all, I think most people would want to make sure their vacation in Hell ends up as short as possible.

10. Hey, it's not this guy's fault that whoever designed that gas task refused to sell out and make it too mainstream.

The Chive | The Chive

Still, this probably isn't gonna make people any less likely to steal traffic cones now that they know what to use them for.

11. Hmm, I'm not sure about the safety rating on these things, but at least they're pretty easy to replace.

Twitter | @yahoowheels

Plus, do normal car seats come in a saucy shade of pink like these bad boys? Yeah, I didn't think so.

12. I guess there's a pretty short list of things that would fit in there, but they're probably gonna want to find another tap soon.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

After all, it's pretty hard to wish the dishes when you've got more water on your clothes than in the sink.

13. It's not fancy, but I suppose this license plate has all the information we need.

Reddit | elemenopee7

I can't see the cops being big fans of this little modification, though. Even if the info turns out to be right, they'll use it to give someone a ticket.

14. Unless this person's trying to hunt cattle rustlers, I don't know why they went to all this trouble.

Reddit | frozenbubble

All I know is that we're living in 2017 and they're tryna go all the way back to 1817. I'll bet they have a sick butter churn.

15. Some people would just whine and moan about the idiot who ran over their mailbox, but this seems a little more proactive.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

And as long as the garbage collectors don't dump the mailbox, someone's got a real time-saver here.

In other words, RIP to that mailbox.

16. Well, it's good to see that we haven't quite found the limits of what duct tape can do yet.

The Chive | The Chive

And hold on, is this woman adding to the raft as she goes along? There's something oddly satisfying about that.

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