30 Times Trolling Was Taken To Another Level Of Hilarity

Trolls are basically the bread and butter of the internet. Most of the time, we love to laugh at their antics. Unless, of course, you're the butt of the joke. In which case, things become more embarrassing than entertaining.

It's the circle of life online. One day, you may have a laugh at someone else's expense, and the next, you may be the one getting roasted. Unless it crosses over into the realm of bullying, my best advice would be to laugh it off.

Don't let people laugh at you — make them laugh with you. That's the best and only way I know how to handle the troll. Take my advice or you'll live a life of pure bitterness. The choice is yours.

1. Furry trolling is basically the best thing ever.

Imgur | tomahaaak

I know it's a little cruel, but it's absolutely adorable, so it basically evens out. Enough said.

2. With a license plate like that, this driver is definitely playing dirty. 

Reddit | MixmasterJrod

3. The most subtle way for a barista to mock your name. 

Reddit | SuperCub

4. Kidding or not, U2 sound like you have a lot to work out. 

WeKnowMemes | WeKnowMemes

All jokes aside, this is probably not the first relationship ruined by a poorly timed U2 joke, and it definitely won't be the last.

5. Usually, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Twitter | @jrhennessy

Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

6. This dad trolled his daughter like a champ. 

Imgur | DomPoss

Right down to the bandanna, nose ring, and the detailed tattoos. He's not afraid to bare it all in the name of comedy.

7. I mean, she did kinda make it easy for him. 

Imgur | DomPoss

Snapchat filters are basically made to look ridiculous. Especially when you try to recreate them in real life.

8. I mean, just look at all the material she gave him. 

Imgur | DomPoss

I would be upset if he didn't mock this tattoo. Isn't making fun of your children's body art considered a parental right? If not, I'm going to seriously reconsider having children.

9. Android trolling Apple is almost too hilarious to handle. 

Reddit | chrschn

The bot costume is killer. I don't think this picture could get much funnier.

10. Vintage trolls from the dawn of time are magically hilarious (in a creepy, ghostly way).

Imgur | JiDE

11. At first, I was kinda annoyed and a little disheartened with my generation.

Imgur | princessbonnibelbubblegum

Like who doesn't know who The Beatles are?! If you really are that clueless, Google it. Truthfully, there's really no excuse.

12. All jokes aside, I'm still not convinced he knows who The Beatles are. Or Jay Leno, for that matter.

Imgur | princessbonnibelbubblegum

He's either the best troll ever, or the most annoying Twitter user. Or both. Nothing surprises me anymore.

13. Okay, now I'm certain he's just trolling for some limelight. 

Imgur | princessbonnibelbubblegum

I know he's not this stupid. Regardless, I'm loving the outrage. Let the drama flow through you!

14. He just keeps getting better. 

Imgur | princessbonnibelbubblegum

Talk about going out with a bang. This guy has definitely earned master troll status, and probably a bunch of angry followers just dying to hate on his every move.

15. When you troll so hard, you end up trolling yourself. 

Imgur | ThreeCatLanguages

Terry Crews is literally my favorite man. His social media accounts give me life.

16. You can retire from your nine-to-five, but you can't retire from a life of trolling. 

Reddit | ForgotUserID

As if you're not anxious enough when you're in an airplane that's landing. Turbulence and anxiety are the key factors required to pull off the perfect troll. Touche, random old man. One day I hope to have that much free time on my hands.

17. The best trolls play the long game. 

Reddit | DavicDuffie

The fact that he could do a job that required him to see color until retirement blows my mind. I can't even hold a simple retail job that requires virtually no skill. Some people are just destined for greatness.

18. You snooze you lose. Especially if your teacher's a troll. 

Giphy | Giphy

Wrong time to pass out, bro. This educator is about to teach you a lesson in trolling for the lols. Unfortunately, some people never learn.

19. Sorry mom, puppies are the new babies. Get used to it already.

Reddit | Mr_Inadequate

Listen wannabe grandma's, stop trying to force your kids into parenthood. A puppy is basically the same thing, or arguably even better than birthing a whiny mini human.

20. Oh Meryl, never change. 

Imgur | ultimatebot

Sometimes Hollywood needs to check itself before it wrecks itself. Meryl is most definitely the hero that the celebrities need, but don't deserve. Sometimes, it takes a dead orchid to remind a movie star that they're just like everyone else.

21. This is why I have trust issues. 

Reddit | moudine

22. Some people just can't live without the drama. 

Reddit | shorda

Don't waste your life jackets on this troll. He clearly preys on fear. I kinda wish whoever invented this contraption was actually at the bottom of the ocean.

Hopefully, he sails into the Bermuda Triangle.

23. This is exactly what friends are for. 

Giphy | Giphy

You've been trolled, bro! It didn't look that difficult to trick this troll.

This is probably why you shouldn't walk the streets looking for action. Especially on camera.

24. I wish I had thought of this when I was in university. 

Reddit | Connie23

I can't even count the number of signs like this that were plastered around my dorm. Why do we have a door that is permanently out of use?

25. Whoa! This troll has gone one step too far

Love This Pic | Love This Pic

Anyone who's a candy purist will understand my outrage!

26. This troll is gold medal material. 

Reddit | Jjayslick

27. Wendy's is pretty much the queen of the internet trolls. 

Twitter | @Wendys

If you're smart, you won't pick a fight with this fast food giant online. They aren't scared to get a little saucy and are downright savage at the drop if a dime.

28. Just as I suspected, another award-worthy troll moment for the books. 

Twitter | @Wendys

As I said before, Wendy's never disappoints in the lols department. Whoever runs this account deserves an award for being absolutely brilliant.

The Baconator is back in business, so beware, keyboard warriors. 

Giphy | Giphy

29. This is the best way to ninja a puppy past your spouse. 

Facebook | Humans of Tumblr

I wish I thought of this sooner, but alas, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Unfortunately for him, once that puppy is in the house, there's no chance he'll be able to convince her to let it go. Plus, who can say no to that face?

30. This is the type of savage I aspire to be, but I'll probably never achieve it. 

Imgur | SvenPek
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