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Fans Think Elon Musk And Grimes Might Have Named Their Baby 'Influenza Musk'

There are some celebrities who are so quirky and off-the-wall that you kind of believe that they are capable of anything, no matter how crazy the headline. Singer Grimes is definitely one of those people, and her being pregnant with Elon Musk's child has been an opportunity for those kind of headlines since day one.

The rumor began on a fake news site.

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An article titled "Grimes named her child WHAT" claimed to have discovered a leaked photo of a birth certificate that stated Grimes had named the baby "Influenza Mae Musk."

While the website was fake, the information took off on Twitter when it was reported as fact.

Many fans took the news as fact on social media, and of course, pretty much immediately the memes started pouring in on Twitter about how the name would lead to bullying.

Many fans seemed to be having fun with the rumor, despite it not being confirmed.

"I opened twitter, saw 'influenza musk' was trending, and immediately signed off," one fan joked, while others used vines and tiktoks to make jokes.

Grimes and Elon have not commented on the rumors, and have also not publicly disclosed if Grimes has even had the baby yet or not.

In February, however, Grimes did state that some of the memes about her likely fairly avant-garde naming ideas had gotten close to the mark, saying, "Annoyingly, some of the memes about my naming ideas are on point."

Some fans believe that Grimes gave birth on April 20th.

This is because Grimes tweeted, "Having a baby is like the dark souls of tamagotchi," on that day, referring to Dark Souls, a particularly difficult video game, and comparing the pain and difficulty of giving birth to the game, although it's unclear if she was speaking from experience or not!