Unicorn Armpit Hair Is A Colorful And Unexpected New Trend

Unless, somehow, you have achieved complete and total isolation from the rest of society, in which case I have a few questions because I am so jealous, odds are, the term 'unicorn hair' rings a bell.

You know, those super beautiful and colorful hues of hair, everything from pastel dip-dyes to radiant rainbow ombr├ęs? Yes, the whole concept of unicorn hair has taken social media by storm and has forced people to up their game when it comes to creative color.

Well, this trend in unicorn hair is certainly unexpected and original. What is it, you might ask? Unicorn armpit hair.

We're not talking one color now, either. Now, people like this queen have been doing multiple colors, like this rainbow shading, which is perfect for Pride Month.

Instagram | @caitlinfordhair

Or, any month of any year ever, really.

Miley Cyrus might be a bit more cleaned up now, but awhile ago she was all about bright pink pits.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if she still was, even if it was a li'l bit. She is fun, fab, and I love her for that.

People have been dying their armpit hair for a hot minute now, but it has had a recent surge in popularity in recent months.

Twitter | @NYCcrazygirl

I'm assuming that people ran out of hair on their heads to dye, and this was the next best thing?

Unicorn Armpit Hair isn't only for girls either! Men can get in on the pink pit action, too.

Free Your Hair | Free Your Hair

Unicorns, manicorns, we're all rainbow-obsessed li'l beans at the end of the day. Am I right, or am I right?

Um, I don't know the context of this relationship, but #CoupleGoals? #FriendshipGoals? #UnicornArmpitHairGoals! 

Instagram | @pascalethestudflower

Oh, and #PinkPitGoals, because that shade of pink is brighter than my future, tbh.

This trend is two-fold: serving as a reminder that body hair is natural, normal, and beautiful, as well as having a ton of fun and adding an unexpected element of color. 

Instagram | @theofficialrainbowgirl

So, all in all, it is a win-win of fun and a stand on social issues.

So, for those who dare to bare and opt to not shave, or shave less often that others might, why not have a little fun and dye your armpit hair??

Free Your Hair | Free Your Hair

You can even have it match your hair, if you are feeling yourself and feeling ultra-ambitious and fabulous.

Which color is your fave? I'm a big fan of this bright teal, so fun and bright!

Tumblr | randomkoolpics

I hope we see more in unicorn armpit hair, including more color combos and maybe even designs? With the things that we have seen online, there is no limit to the possibilities out there.

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