40 People Who Don't Quite Get It

Diply 3 Jul 2018

The world is full of oblivious people. That guy who cut into your lane, that friend with lettuce in their front teeth (shame on you for not telling them!), and that crush we've all had who is blind to all the hints we drop about our feelings...

Anyway, the next 28 people prove just how amusing and endearing the totally clueless are!

1. Hmm...interesting conclusion. 

Imgur | Imgur

Ah well, it's an easy mistake to make. The grunge influences on "Achy Breaky Heart" totally speak for themselves.

I wonder if either of them would be all that wild about this comparison.

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2. I'm just impressed she got those buttons done up. 

Imgur | Imgur

You'd think that would be her sign to just switch her shirt around, but she's obviously not a quitter. Once she picks a style, she sticks to it.

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3. C'mon, Google! Get with it!

Reddit | MalarkyRam

Well, I guess we can't keep asking Google to do our homework for us and not expect it to be a total nerd. Such is life.

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4. And you chose this picture because? 

Imgur | Imgur

Actually, they pretty much all look like that.

I don't know what kind of St. Patrick's Day hats they've got people wearing in this neighborhood, but I need to get a picture of that.

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5. That's not dental floss...

Instagram | @theonlynatalya

Although it's kind of hard to tell if we're looking at someone not getting it or someone who knows something we don't.

Maybe one of these could help with a mouth problem. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

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6. I've never seen it used like that before. 

Imgur | Imgur

I'm just impressed that she somehow got up there without anybody noticing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the real gym should be more like a jungle gym.

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7. He'll never know...

Reddit | miss_ksterner

But of course, that somehow doesn't stop him from having the perfect facial expression here.

It's funny how much a "what are you looking at?" look can seem embarrassed if you frame it right.

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8. Something doesn't add up...

Instagram | @captainlodge15

Either that or they're just hoping we don't notice that nobody saves anything here.

Then again, how do you talk somebody into buying 20 tickets for something if they don't already need them?

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9. It's definitely a memorable acronym.

Imgur | Imgur

Hey, anything that makes sheltered, confused parents say WTF incorrectly is OK by me. Trust me, folks, that'll find a way to pay dividends someday.

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10. Interesting... I never knew it worked like that.

Twitter | @hailebucks

I guess she thinks you have to visit the Sorting Hat each time one of your siblings has a kid? Haha, kinda wish it worked that way.

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11. No one in the history of sandwiches has ever said, "Jeez, I wish this sandwich had more bread."

Reddit | lifesnotperfect

And I'll admit I've seen some big ones, but it's supposed to be at least theoretically possible to fit your mouth around the whole thing, right?

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12. Mom, it's me, not Google

Imgur | CommonWhiteGirl

I hope I never get to a stage where technology is this challenging

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13. Not quite...but almost...

Imgur | Imgur

I think it's fairly easy to appreciate the kid logic here. You need something to look big so you obviously look in the big ones.

That still doesn't explain why he's only using one eye, though.

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14. It adds a whole new flavor dimension. 

Instagram | @gwirithyears

I can sympathize because I too would like Babybels to be giant M&Ms filled with cheese, but sadly, it is not to be. Maybe one day.

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15. I hope you're not about to put that in your mouth...

Reddit | duncanmack27

I mean, treating shaving gel like toothpaste for the skin is still wrong, but at least it's not a mistake that makes anybody slice up their gums.

Just thinking about it makes me wince.

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16. Probably shouldn't have worn green, even if it was Saint Patrick's Day. 

Reddit | 99SOR

Well, at least you don't have to move out of the way when you start talking about how sunny it'll be in Ann Arbor.

I feel like this is something I'd do on purpose.

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17. Close, but not quite!

Twitter | @johnnnn_d

At least you'll probably get extra credit if you also give them the other one. Apparently the youth in Asia are in a crisis, so that's interesting, at least.

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18. I'm going to tell you something, but don't panic...

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Honestly, I'm surprised they were able to make that work as long as they did. That bike must have been forged by ancient dwarves or something.

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19. I think it's just supposed to be a mineral supplement...

Neatorama | Neatorama

I'm almost more concerned by the fact that more than one person found this review helpful.

I'd assume that nobody involved is serious, but that's been kind of biting us in the ass lately.

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20. I don't think he's feeling it...

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

I guess I could understand how his angry growls could be mistaken for purring, but the constant fighting and scratching should really be a clue.

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21. Looks like someone hitched a ride...

AcidCow | AcidCow

Whether the bird leaves her hood or not, she's probably gonna get an unpleasant surprise the next time she puts her hood up.

At least it looks cute now...

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22. "Happy birthday on both, please"

Reddit | rallykv

"Just following orders, ma'am — I don't see what the problem is..."

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23. What kind of puppies have you been looking at?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Actually, since you were right the first time, who told you that these were puppies? I'd kinda like to see the world through their eyes for a minute or two.

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24. I am personally outraged. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

Like, do they not know that the cheese is gonna slide awkwardly to one side and ruin everything? They better not get mad when that happens because they have nobody to blame but themselves.

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25. It's not what you think, I swear!

Instagram | @kalesalad

Well, I hope he does too. I'm not sure why my breakouts decided to keep on truckin' after my teenage years but that's just my life, I guess.

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26. As you age, things get complicated...

Twitter | @katiedippold

I'm sorry to hear that your friends are lame, though. At least you can say you were ahead of your time because Babadook costumes are apparently in now.

Yeah, I didn't expect that either.

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27. That's not how you spell "Achieve"

Reddit | AmbassadorMollari

It's always worth running a spell check before you make it permanent.

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28. There's a reason the princess kissed a frog and not a turtle 


Here's a handy life tip: avoid mouth to mouth contact with snapping turtles

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29. Not quite... you know the name is right on your steering wheel, right?

Meme Center | Meme Center

If you can't name your luxury car, you shouldn't be driving it.

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30. You gotta learn how to create separate chats, bro

Reddit |  JustBlewMyLoad

See where taking lazy short-cuts gets you?!

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31. I gotta give 'em credit for sticking to their guns on this one.

Reddit | quietstorm037

Because you just know that on day two of their business opening, they had people coming in and asking if they knew what their sign means.

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32. They call it a bun in the oven, not a casserole 

FunnyMeme | FunnyMeme

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if the internet is making us dumber every day.

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33. Let me know how that works out...


Anyone want to take bets on how many of them end up in the emergency room?

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34. That's not how you cook a pizza

Reddit | dusty1993

Do they really need to put a "this side up" sticker on it?

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35. That's not a fountain!

Tumblr | algrenion

There's no tourist experience quite like drinking out of a bidet!

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36. Any makeup artist this clueless needs to find a different profession 

Twitter | @Dilysnana

If I was this girl, I'd be beyond angry

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37. That's not how you steal gas

Reddit | beernerd

I wonder they've been driving around with that

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38. Well, whether they meant it this way or not, they're not wrong...

Reddit | SociallyUnconscious

After all, this is a PetSmart, and if there's anything a dog loves chewing up more than its own poop, it's a plush effigy of the stuff.

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39. "Ohhh, liquid soap?"

Reddit | Reddit

Yes, unfortunately, hitting the switch doesn't make the dispenser churn the soap like butter before it squirts into your hands.

Sadly, our imaginations will always beat reality, but that's just the way it is.

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40. I think there was an easier way to place this order...

Reddit | shoreguy28

I'm sure the pizza place had a good laugh.

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