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Whipped Strawberry Milk Is A Refreshing Take On The Whipped Coffee Trend

By now, you've most likely heard or seen the whipped coffee trend that swept TikTik recently. There have been tons of iterations of the whipped drink, like a boozy Baileys version, and I've even seen bright green matcha versions. They really make Instagram feeds pop!

Strawberry milk is the next colorful version, and it's perfect for spring and summer.

People are now making whipped strawberry milk, and it'll bring you way back.

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That's because it's made with strawberry Nesquik mix!

It's also a lot easier to make, since it's made with whipping cream.

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That means it will whip up a whole lot better than the coffee version.

If you want to give it a try yourself, you'll need one tablespoon strawberry Nesquik powder and four tablespoons whipping cream.

These measurements differ from the coffee version, which uses equal parts of all ingredients.

Whip it all up and you'll have a fluffy pink cloud waiting to top a glass of cold or hot milk of your choice!

This is one to display proudly on The Gram.

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Will you be giving this version of the whipped beverage trend a try? Let us know!