9+ Amateurs Who Quickly Learned Baking Is Harder Than It Looks

So, what have y'all gotten up to during quarantine? Arts and crafts? Gardening? Gaming?

Or are you like one of these very unfortunate people who decided to take up baking? Because wow, as it turns out...baking is hard.

While these may not be contenders for the Bon Appetit test kitchen, they are contenders for hot messes of the year.

Not even feral goats?

You know you've made something atrocious when you can't justify feeding your creation to feral goats.

As for the flavor? "Imagine wet play dough but banana flavored and inexplicably sour," she said.

I do not want to imagine that! Thanks.

Y'all, what on EARTH.

What was the goal here? To make edible cupcake tins? Or something?

Either way, that's a delicious mistake to make. Nothin' but garbage cake (aka scraps you get to eat) for miles.

This sourdough starter met a sad fate.

Don't 4/20 and bake, guys. After making a gorgeous sourdough starter, @the.painted.baker put it in the oven to keep it toasty and safe.

And then forgot about it.

And turned the oven on for another project.

RIP, starter. You were beautiful.

Oh, these cupcakes? They're goth cupcakes.

You know when you go to make muffins, but you have an aesthetic to maintain? Yeah, this still isn't that. I hope they tasted delicious at least?

(I know they didn't. In my heart, I know they didn't.)

These are bunnies from my nightmares.

Don't these look like bunnies that would show up during a late-night google of creepypastas (scary stories, for the uninitiated)?

I love their creepy, uneven eyes. The problem was making these for Easter — Halloween is the holiday these bunnies should be saved for.

RIP to this bread.

I'm so sad, because that bread could have been picture perfect. Look at the shape! The textures! Unfortunately, @beckycampbell366 put the oven on the wrong temperature, and thus we have: volcano bread.

This was supposed to be a mermaid tail.

I...I feel so bad for laughing. But I did. However, as @hannah_afc said, it was the family time that mattered most!

Honestly, points for even attempting a mermaid tail. That looks hard af.

This pizza had me cry laughing.

Let's just allow the following tweet to sum up exactly what this pizza looks like:

"It’s like it tried to eat itself and then threw up and died."

And that's why I am currently crying laughing.

Boy, are you gonna be wrong when you guess the age of the person who made this.

If you're thinking it's a toddler who helped mom, or an aspiring young baker who wants to go out for Masterchef Junior one day but isn't quite there yet, I have bad news: the creator of this masterpiece is 21.



What we have here is a classic case of runny icing. Let your cakes cool before you ice them, people! Have we learned nothing from watching endless episodes of Nailed It?

This cake literally says "sorry."

It's just such a sad cake. What was going on in the middle there? What are those little white balls?

I'm just so happy she had the presence of mind to write "sorry" on it. What a legend.

Classic Pillsbury.

Honestly, those things never look the way you think they're going to. But man, I could really go for eating a whole stick of that dough right about now.

These cookies sure look deflated.

My favorite part of this is the explanation: her cookie dough wasn't mixing well, so she added chocolate milk.

Absolutely incredible baking choice. Nailed It! would love that kind of logic.

There's a whole banana in this banana bread.

I...am speechless. Luckily, the writer filling in at the @tornadotimes explained that she had no idea what she was doing, but she liked it, anyway! That's all that matters, tbh.

Rest in peace to this bread.

So, here's what happened: this bread got put in the oven, and then was promptly forgotten. Do people not use timers anymore? I would understand if you didn't hear it, but to not set one at all? Wild.

These poor muffins...

So, yes. These are supposed to be muffins. Unfortunately, our star baker forgot to add sugar. So, they're more biscuits than anything else, but I'd still eat them. I love carbs, you guys.

Pudding malfunction.

This pudding filling was meant to set, but some things just don't go as planned. The blue icing is truly my favorite part of this masterpiece. You can't go wrong with blue icing.

Humpty Dumpty would be appalled.

This honey cake was missing a crucial ingredient: eggs. In its place, oil was an option...but that was forgotten, too. These things just happen, you know? I bet that thing was just not edible at all.

Ah yes, more flat cookies.

How does this happen? Like, do people just not read baking instructions before they dive in? Baking is the one area where you can't skip the instructions, guys. Well, that and IKEA furniture building.

I have no idea what this was trying to be.

Is it...a unicorn? Or maybe a puppy? I have no idea what it is, but I do know that pink icing looks weirdly good to me. I think I should eat before finishing this article.

This is the most horrifying baked good I've ever seen.

Why does it look like a bug? Why does it have legs? And folds? And bumps? This looks like a frog ate a spider and is only half-done digesting it, or something.

So, in summation: