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Famous YouTuber Reveals Sweet Text Messages After He Scratched A Stranger's Car

If you've been feeling a little down lately, we've got just the feel-good story to perk you right back up!

It all started when a famous YouTuber hit a stranger's car. What happens next will seriously restore your faith in humanity.

This is Casey Neistrat.

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He's a YouTuber who has 12 million subscribers on the video streaming platform.

Yesterday, Casey experienced something that will seriously restore your faith in humanity.

It even helped restore his love in Los Angeles.

"been complaining about LA a lot, lemme share why I love LA," he shared on Twitter to his two million followers.

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"I scratched a guys car this morning when parking my truck, total accident, small but noticeable scratch."

Being the good guy that he is, Casey left a note on the stranger's windshield.

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What happened next will totally warm your heart.

The person texted him back, but their response is not what you'd normally expect:

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"Please don't worry about the scratch," the anonymous car owner wrote.

"Any money you had to put towards my car feel free to please donate to a local venice food bank."

Cue the tears.

Seriously, how sweet is this.

It's also super needed, as there are millions of unemployed people all over the world right now due to the coronavirus.

Casey, likely taken aback by the stranger's genoristy, offered to pay once again:

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He also did what the stranger said by donating $250 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

He even sent a screenshot of this to the car's owner:

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"Apologies again. thanks for your understanding and generosity," he added.

If you thought the car's owner was a good person already, just take a look at their response:

Twitter | @caseyneistat


We need more people like this in this world!!

After sharing the heartarming story on Twitter, the YouTuber also shared how the accident came to be in the first place.

Instagram | @caseyneistat

"I drive a 17 year old lifted pick up. So no rear view cam and really hard to see what’s behind you. I’m also a terrible driver," he wrote.

Not surprisingly, fans loved the feel-good story.

"This is so refreshing to see," added another.

With social distancing rules in place, there hasn't been an opportunity for a lot of these feel-good stories lately!

Fans especially loved the fact that the stranger's name on the donation is Mr. Scratched Car.


"That was that funniest part," tweeted another.

Fellow YouTuber, Nico Rosberg, even offered to give Casey some much-needed driving lessons:

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"Love it! As soon as everything hopefully gets back to normal we can tackle your driving skills together...," he tweeted, along with a fisted hand emoji.

Nico's a race car driver, so Casey would be in good hands!

But until then, fans are having fun teasing the YouTuber for his bad driving ... and bad handwriting.

Casey's donation even inspired fans to also donate to the food bank.

Ugh, can this story get any better?!

Bless you, Casey and random car owner (aka Mr. Scratched Car)!

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