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Chris Hemsworth's Son Adorably Crashed A Live Video Interview

Working from home has its challenges, especially if you're working from home while trying to entertain your children, too. We've all been on a Zoom call or a Google Hangout where someone's joined by an uninvited guest or two, and it's always delightful.

Turns out the same is true if the person in question is a celebrity.

Jimmy Fallon knows this pretty well, as he's been trying to film his entire talk show from home.

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Jimmy is the father of two adorable daughters, and of course, they wanted as much of the spotlight as they could get during the filming of the show. Cute!

Jason Bateman also got photobombed by his daughter during an interview.

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Jason joked that he kept his daughter outside because the food inside lasted longer that way — honestly, with the way some kids eat, that might not be that bad of an idea!

The most recent celebrity struck by the curse of the interrupting kid is Chris Hemsworth.

YouTube | Triple M

While doing an interview for Triple M, Chris realized quickly that his kids were making a lot of background noise, and despite his best efforts to quietly shush them, there was no avoiding being interrupted.

Chris' son joined him in the interview for just long enough to totally steal the show!

YouTube | Triple M

While Chris tried to keep from laughing, one of his children popped into frame in the cutest way. You can watch the interview for yourself here (and if you just want to see the adorable bit, it happens about a minute in!)