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Smirnoff's New Hard Seltzers Now Have Double The Alcohol

2019 will always be remembered as the Year of the Hard Seltzer. It became more common to see bar-goers clutching White Claws in hand as opposed to the classic bottle of beer or glass of vodka-cran. Hard seltzers were so popular, there were even White Claw shortages across the country at the end of summer.

The hard seltzer train is still chugging right along, with alcohol veterans like Bud Light and Smirnoff capitalizing off the success of the refreshing, easy-to-drink low-cal beverages and launching their own versions.

Of course, like any good competition, brands have to find ways to set themselves apart from the others, and Smirnoff is coming for their bubbles.

Smirnoff is no stranger in the hard seltzer world.

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Smirnoff's Spiked Sparkling Seltzers launched back in 2016.

The original 12-ounce cans are 4.5% ABV, only 90 calories, and came in three flavors: Orange Mango, Cranberry Lime, and Watermelon.

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Since then, Smirnoff has added a line of rosé-inspired flavors, as well as a host of new summery flavors.

This year, they're not playing around. Seltzers are popular, and they're not about to back down.

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They've launched two new seltzers that pack a way bigger punch.

Their new Blackberry and Blood Orange seltzers are zero sugar, 67 calories, and a whopping 8% ABV per serving.

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With flavors like these, I have a feeling these will be easy sippers, so make sure you drink responsibly, folks!

Look out for them at your local liquor store.

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