10+ 'Frozen' Mistakes Fans Didn't Catch

Frozen helped to redefine the standard for what constituted a Disney Princess, thrusting Anna and Elsa into the roles of the heroine as opposed to being simply damsels in distress.

As great a film as it is, however, it does have its fair share of glaring mistakes and humorous happenstance.

Let your preconceptions go and check out these 10+ Frozen mistakes fans missed.

What happened to the rope?

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When Anna and Kristoff are chased over the cliff, they're still tied together by the rope.

When they land, the rope is nowhere to be seen.

Shadow and levitation tricks.

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When Anna and Hans are dancing with one another in front of the lighthouse, a few things are missing.

For one, you can't see the shadow of the rail or their silhouettes on the ground that they're standing on.

Anna's hair has a mind of its own.

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Remember when Anna and Kristoff are riding together in the sled?

The next time you watch, take a look at Anna's hair carefully. It changes from flowing with the wind to resting calmly on her chest.

Elsa's ghost hair.

If you pause or watch in slow motion, you can see that Elsa doesn't whip her hair around her shoulder.

She actually pulls it right through her body.

Can Olaf teleport?

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In one scene, Anna is helping Olaf adjust his head properly. When she sets him straight, she returns to the position from which she started.

Yet somehow Olaf seems to have magically transplanted himself between Kristoff and Anna.

Where did that ship come from?

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After Elsa realizes that love is the answer for ending winter, she goes on an unfreezing frenzy. She also happens to be standing in the middle of a lake when this begins.

The ship that they end up standing on was nowhere to be seen at the beginning of the scene.

Is Anna The Flash?

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Before Hans raises his sword and tries to kill Elsa, the camera pans to a wide-angle where we can see Anna on a piece of ice, all by herself.

How then is she able to come between Hans and Elsa in time to parry the blow?

Hans' plan would never have actually worked.

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Yes, I understand you have to suspend an element of realism when it comes to animated features.

But Hans would never have become king after the death of Elsa. That's simply not how it works. The reign would have passed to the closest blood relative.

The physics of cold versus hot.

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When the guards discover that Elsa has frozen her way out of her shackles, the camera pans to reveal the locks twisted and disfigured on the floor.

As most of us know, metal only melts under extreme heat. Cold, therefore, should have broken it apart.

The wrong plural in Kristoff's song.

This might come off as grammatically nit-picky, but a mistake is a mistake!

Kristoff's song is titled "Reindeers Are Better Than People," however, the plural of reindeer is reindeer. Not "reindeers."

His guitar is all wrong too.

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A careful eye will reveal that while Kristoff's guitar most definitely has four strings, there are only three tuning pegs.

What kind of instrument is this meant to be then? You tell me!

The sounds of silence.

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Outside the trading post, all appears calm. There is no evidence of a storm whatsoever.

Yet when Anna and Kristoff enter, the wind is howling and is strong enough to blow the door shut behind them.

The wrong reflection.

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Next time you watch the movie, take a look at the ice walls as Anna ascends Elsa's palace staircase. The reflection shows the same angle as the camera.

This is impossible. Each wall should be reflecting only the side angle of her face.

Is everyone wearing thermal wear?

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In the final act, a blizzard is raging. Anna, Elsa, and Hans are caught in the midst of it.

Yet not a single flake of snow settles in their hair or on their clothing.

I guess they missed a lake?

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When Anna gets bucked from her horse, she falls into the water and gets drenched from head to toe.

Everything in the kingdom is supposed to be frozen, so how does that work?

How were the saws able to cut through the ice?

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During the ice workers' song, there's a scene that shows the group using long saws to cut through the ice.

As any ice-fisher will tell you, ice that's thick enough to support human weight must first be drilled. Otherwise, there'd be no way to cut through.

Where did the couch in the gallery come from?

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Remember the scene near the beginning of the film where Anna is singing in the gallery? When she walks in, the room is empty, save for a few benches against the wall.

Yet when she begins jumping around, a couch seems to magically appear from nowhere to catch her fall.

Where did the frost go/how did the Bishop not notice?

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While Elsa is holding on to the royal scepter, she inadvertently begins to freeze both objects. She quickly unloads them back onto the pillow that's resting in the Bishop's hands.

Quick as it was, some frost should have remained and he definitely would have noticed.

Did Elsa make Olaf vanish?

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Yes, we all love "Let It Go," no one's debating that.

But during the song, right after she creates Olaf, there's a beautiful aerial shot that shows Elsa standing completely alone. Olaf is nowhere in sight, so what happened to him?

What about Anna's torch... Does it just magically disappear?

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While Anna and Kristoff are riding in the sleigh with one another, they're attacked by a vicious pack of wolves. Anna heroically saves Kristoff by lighting a blanket on fire and throwing it at them.

The torch she uses to do this, however, disappears without a trace.

The curious case of the self-folding laundry.

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This is just one of several continuity errors that take place in the film. Pay close attention to the man with the folded laundry. When the horse rears up, he sends the clothes flying.

Yet in the next sequence, they return to their original starting position, neat and tidy.

Wasn't Anna in the middle of the room?

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When Anna first walks into Elsa's ice palace, she stands in the middle of the room to take in her new surroundings.

When the scene cuts to Elsa calling her, somehow Anna has moved across the room to the bottom of the staircase.

Olaf disappears yet again!

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Olaf enters Elsa's palace and runs to join Anna at the bottom of the stairs.

There are a couple of cut scenes that show a back and forth between Elsa and Anna, only Olaf is nowhere to be found!

If Anna's headscarf fell off, how does she still have it?

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When the ice monster attacks Anna and Kristoff, you can very clearly see Anna lose her headscarf as they fall down the mountain.

Yet by the time they reach the bottom, somehow the scarf has become refastened to her head.

The disturbed ground from the fall becomes smooth.

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After they tumble off of the mountain, Kristoff and Anna fall through the surface of the snow below.

Yet when they get up to walk away, the ground is smooth and shows no evidence of a fall.

What happened to the arrows in the ice monster's arm?

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During the battle with the ice monster, you can clearly see the soldiers shoot four arrows into the monster's arm.

Yet in the next sequence, when he swings his arm to attack, the arrows are gone.

Elsa's ghost hair (part 2).

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While Elsa is doing battle against the soldiers who have stormed her castle, pay extra special attention to her hair.

It keeps changing position from her left and right shoulders throughout the fight. Her hair just doesn't like to stay put I guess?

Prince Hans' sword disappears from his hand as he storms the castle.

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You can clearly see that Hans' sword is in-hand as he makes his entrance.

But when he abruptly halts, somehow his sword has managed to sheathe itself.

There's no way that Hans would have been able to move that quickly.

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Distance and perspective seem to change as the scene goes on. When Hans enters the castle, he's at least 20 feet away from the soldier with the crossbow.

Yet he still manages to move quickly enough to save Elsa from the arrow.

Kristoff and Sven's footprints vanish as Kristoff looks backward.

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After Sven is able to convince Kristoff to turn back, the trail of footprints that were originally left in the snow by the traveling companions vanishes into thin air.

Did Kristoff just put his thumb through Anna's body?

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While Kristoff is celebrating his new sled and lyre, he picks Anna up and spins her around.

If you watch his hand, he somehow manages to put his thumb right through her torso.