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Costco Is Selling Massive Boxes Of Kit Kat-Coated Ice Cream Cones

If there's one thing that represents summer, it's the ice cream cone. A perfect sphere of creamy ice topped on a perfectly wrapped toasty waffle cone like a queen's crown really is the perfect representation of summer. Ice cream cones never let you down. They are always there to cool you off, and even make your Instagram feed look like a influencer dream. Every bite can be enjoyed, unlike those sad Slush Puppies of our past. Need I remind you of the demonic and disrespectful iceberg left behind in every cup?

We didn't think an ice cream cone could get any better, but then Costco just casually whipped out massive cases of Kit Kat ice cream cones.

Instagram | @costco_doesitagain

Kit Kat launched these puppies last year, but they're just as exciting today.

That's because Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain spotted massive packs containing 16 drool-worthy cones at their local Costco.

The boxes contain 8 Wafer with Fudge cones and 8 Chocolate Wafer cones.

Instagram | @costco_doesitagain

Now you don't have to pick up separate boxes of each flavor! They're all in one place for your snacking pleasure.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the treat, allow me to break it down for you.

Snack Gator

Food reviewer Snack Gator tried them last year, revealing that they're pretty similar to the coveted corner store to-go ice cream cone Drumsticks, except the Kit Kat iteration has wafer pieces mixed in with the chocolate coating.

The Wafer and Fudge cone contains vanilla ice cream with a center of gooey fudge, and the Chocolate Wafer cone is made with chocolate ice cream.

You get some crunch and creaminess in every bite, and we love that.

Look out for them on your next Costco trip!