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15+ Strange Finds That Made Someone's Day A Little More Interesting

I don't know about you, but I always get pretty excited when I find something neat on the ground. Part of that is because it doesn't happen very often as the streets I walk will either have essentially nothing on them or just some bits of trash.

But sometimes, a little something will shine out from the same boring scenes and attract my eye. Even if it's not something that I would necessarily find useful, it just feels nice to find something different.

And while I doubt that many of the people on this list will find much of a purpose for what they found, we can definitely describe their discoveries as "different."

As this person found out, we can unearth things that have rested for literal decades when we renovate our homes.

Reddit | KarmaRan0verMyDogma

Normally, a discarded bag of Fritos wouldn't be noteworthy at all, but we usually can't date the trash we come across all the way back to 1981.

It's hard to tell whether this was someone's idea of a time capsule or whether a litterbug simply stood here almost 40 years ago.

While this person was admiring the daisies in their yard, they happened upon one with an unusual mutation.

Reddit | Pi-zz-a

They called this one a conjoined daisy, but whether it's actually two stuck together or just one really big one, it definitely stands out.

The best way that the uploader could describe this was as an "E.T. Tree."

Reddit | SqwashGaming

I suppose that when someone's face is as distinct as E.T.'s, we can only expect to find him in the strangest places.

And since trees can end up in all sorts of strange shapes, one was bound to look like him at some point.

It wouldn't be so out of the ordinary if someone decorated their plants with this figure, but it apparently just showed up that day.

Reddit | MoonshineMermaid

So yes, I guess we're supposed to assume that somebody was carrying around an armless Johnny Bravo toy 16 years after the show ended and thought this would be the perfect place for it.


When one Circle K employee walked into the store's bathroom, they came across a mysterious pair of pants.

Reddit | Tis_Bahner

They were seriously worried that someone took a crap in them and left them there, but ended up even more confused when that wasn't the case.

I guess somebody just decided to swear off pants?

It's not every day that we come across a tree with a bunch of meat hanging from it, but it's here for a reason.

Reddit | jaego

The people who live next to this tree are likely drying their beef in the sun to preserve it into a kind of jerky.

It may look a little silly, but this little railing was probably a big help for somebody.

Reddit | maybeits_maybelline

Those two steps may not seem like much, but anyone who's ever messed up a leg knows what a welcome sight this little bar can be.

Of all things, this man happened to come across what his grandchild described as a "flame thrower weed killer" from 1993.

Reddit | n1ce69420

I'm guessing they meant it's a weed killer that looked like a flame thrower to them and not one that literally sets the yard on fire.

It would take a full gardening meltdown to buy that second product idea.

Although it's so hollow that you can see the sky through it, this sycamore tree is still very much alive.

Reddit | i8mygoldfish

That's because the parts of the tree necessary to sustain its life are found between the bark and the wood. The rest is more structural.

Although it's cool that this means a tree can survive something this intense, it also explains why stripping a tree's bark is seriously bad for it.

This battery expansion is the last thing you want to see in your phone, but it's pretty crazy that it can still turn on like this.

Reddit | TheOmar

Unfortunately, this one might end up exploding regardless of the uploader's intentions because it was on the other side of a locked door when they took this picture.

When the uploader cleaned out their hummingbird feeder, they discovered that wasn't the only guest hanging out in it.

Reddit | PhoenixTheKitty

And even putting aside its bright coloration, this goldenrod crab spider was probably the best squatter they could have asked for.

Any pests that hang around here probably won't last long now.

Somebody found these small pods on a wooden door and it sadly wasn't a sign of anything good.

Reddit | lR5Yl

These are most definitely insect eggs that had already opened, but the question was which bugs now invaded this home.

The picture quality makes it a little difficult to tell, but the best guesses so far are either that snails or moth larvae came out of them.

Speaking of bad bug signs, any leaf that has this pattern on it probably isn't doing too well.

Reddit | WhiskeyNovemberSix

More specifically, this pattern is the calling card of an insect known as a leaf miner. These can refer to moths, flies, sawflies, or some types of beetle, but all are known to burrow into and eat away at leaves in their larval stage.

Not only is the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel an adorable sight to behold, but it's hard to get such a bright picture of one because they're usually nocturnal.

Reddit | Sayara2020

Like other "flying" squirrels they glide from tree to tree and sleep in them, but this one takes the extra cautionary step of immediately moving to the other side of the tree when it lands in case it's being pursued.

These giraffe engravings in the Sahara desert are not only detailed, but very resilient as they've been around for an estimated 10,000 years.

Reddit | YoloForJesusChrist

This was also a time when the desert had a lot more vegetation, so whoever engraved these was likely just drawing what they were seeing.

Apparently, Iceland's postal service is a little more laid back than in most other nations.

Reddit | Owczarskiuq

While this letter with no address would normally be considered undeliverable, it's supposedly more helpful to direct postal workers this way because many towns in the nation have well-marked roads, but often lack numbers on individual houses.

This ice pattern on the grass is a strange one and that's because it arises under pretty specific circumstances.

Reddit | lphsbu

If the sprinklers happen to run while temperatures are freezing, the water they spray will freeze into these crystals soon after they actually hit the grass.

It's like the sprinklers are making their own freezing rain.

If one explores the Netherlands enough, they'll probably come across a creatively designed bridge like this twisting one in Vlaardingen.

Reddit | DrFetusRN

Other than looking trippy, the intention behind its design is apparently to reduce vibrations from traffic as vehicles cross the bridge.

This skull has apparently been in the uploader's possession for seven years, but it didn't always look like this.

Reddit | kobetwilson5

At first, it was actually clear and colorless. However, it seems that exposure to the sun from its position on this windowsill has turned it pink over time.

It seems like an improvement to me.

I couldn't even guess how many beer bottles are lying around in the world, but I'm willing to bet most aren't as interesting as this one.

Reddit | shiftshayper

It's hard to tell how long this one has been lying around, but it's managed to build up a little ecosystem that's mainly composed of red reindeer moss.