10+ Facts About TV Moments That Make Them Even Better

Do you know what I miss most about buying physical copies of movies and TV series? The bonus features. Watching countless hours of behind the scenes footage and gaining context into some of my favorite scenes.

Sometimes, a little background goes a long way. It can even make great scenes and episodes even better.

So, in the spirit of taking things to the next level, here are 10+ facts about TV moments that make them even better!

The barbershop scene in *This Is Us* was ad-libbed.


William and Randall's road trip is arguably the saddest episode in the entire series of This Is Us - and that's saying a lot.

What makes it even more heartwarming is that the barbershop scene was totally unscripted. Those are the real-life stories of Sterling K. Brown and Rob Cephas' first haircuts.

Amy Poehler learned about Ben's proposal while shooting the season 5 premiere of *Parks & Recreation*.


Amy Poehler said that she was so happy upon reading the news that she started crying.

After Matthew Morrison sang his final solo in *Glee*, everyone sat in a circle and cried.


Over the years Glee has had some incredibly powerful and emotional moments.

But perhaps the most sentimental took place off-camera. When Matthew Morrison wrapped his final solo scene, the entire cast gathered to sing and cry with one another.

Corey & Topanga's wedding happened because of the fans.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, actor Rider Strong comments on how ABC was initially against showing the wedding because Corey and Topanga were too young.

A fan poll was taken that showed overwhelmingly that the audience didn't care about their age.

The beginning of Cristina's career was the last scene Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo shot together.


The scene where Meredith tells Cristina that her career is just beginning after she leaves Grey Sloan, was the last scene the actresses ever filmed together.

Cece's wedding dress is a cultural nod to her Indian heritage as well as Schmidt's Judaism in *New Girl*.


The traditional color for an Indian wedding is red.

Cece's dress perfectly blends both Jewish and Indian customs.

Too many daisies to count in *Gilmore Girls*.


During the iconic proposal scene in Gilmore Girls, Lorelai explains that there should be 1000 yellow daisies adorning.

Well, it turns out that 1000 daisies didn't quite fill the room. It was more like a few thousand when all was said and done.

Sophia Bush ad-libbed Brooke's entire speech about high school in *One Tree Hill*.


Sophia posted a tweet explaining her process and how she was able to channel Brooke's emotional mindset for the scene.

Jane's story was always going to be made into a telenovela in *Jane The Virgin*.


Very few shows remain intact from concept to product.

However, according to an interview with EW, the creator of Jane The Virgin always knew how the story would end.

Noah Reid's version of "Simply The Best" in *Schitt's Creek* was his own.


During a particularly memorable episode of Schitt's Creek, David is serenaded by Patrick.

He performs an incredible rendition of Tina Turner's "Simply The Best." As it turns out, Noah Reid composed the cover himself.

Dan Levy does his own lip-sync version later on as well.

Without question, Noah wins in terms of musicianship and musical performance. That said, you can't deny that Dan Levy has some serious moves. Tina Turner herself would be proud.

Which version is your favorite?

Rosa's coming out was inspired by actress Stephanie Beatriz's real life declaration.


Dan Goor wrote Rosa's coming out as a way to show support for actress Stephanie Beatriz.

The star confirmed that she was bisexual some months prior.

Roy almost rode in on a horse in *The Office*.


What could have been!

According to creator Greg Daniels, Pam's ex-fiance Roy was initially supposed to crash the wedding on horseback!

Robin wasn't supposed to come out to Steve on *Stranger Things*.


Robin and Steve were originally destined for an on-screen romance.

But after filming the first few episodes (and a lengthy conversation between the Duffer brothers and the young actors) it was decided that Robin would come out as gay.

Jason Segel improvised the scene where Lily told him his dad had died in *How I Met Your Mother*.


This one breaks my heart.

Apparently Jason Segel wanted his shock to be genuine so he didn't read Lily's lines. His reaction is 100% genuine and unscripted.

Rachel almost didn't get off the plane in *Friends*.


According to David Crane, the creators of Friends thought about the possibility of Ross and Rachel not ending up together.

Thankfully, they decided against it.

Millie Bobby Brown was listening to a recording of David Harbour.


During the season 3 finale of Stranger Things, Eleven is given the speech that Hopper intended to say to her.

Her reaction is completely natural, as she was listening to a pre-recording of the letter read by David Harbour.

Sarah Drew went into premature labour.


Immediately after filming the scene in which her character, April's son died, Grey's Anatomy actress Sarah Drew went into labor and gave birth to her daughter.

Talk about the circle of life!

James Avery had some serious praise for Will Smith in *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.


After filming the scene where Will's father walks out, abandoning him yet again, actor James Avery wraps his arms around Will in a heavy embrace.

He whispered into the young comedian's ear "Now that's [expletive] acting, right there!"

The entire crew witnessed Opie's final moment.


The death of Harry "Opie" Winston is one of the most tragic and saddest moments in television history. It warms my heart to know that he wasn't alone.

The entire cast and crew looked on to say goodbye to their fallen friend.

Creator Kurt Sutter knew how emotional the moment would be for everyone.

"I do know that Ryan had requested that the guys be there for those final moments so he could actually look out over the guys that he’s been working with for the last five seasons. It was very emotional."

Craig T. Nelson improvised his entire speech on *Parenthood*.


The scene where Zeek takes Amber to look at the aftermath of her horrific car crash is a sobering moment. It hits home hard and stays with you long after the credits roll.

What's most impressive is that it was entirely ad-libbed.

Brett Dier made a recording for Gina Rodriguez

In order to help get her into the right frame of mind for Michael's death scene, Brett Dier (Michael) made a recording of how much he loved Jane (Rodriguez) so that she could listen to it right before they started filming.