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Baileys Whipped Coffee Just Made The Trend Worth Trying

By now, you've most likely heard of "dalgona" coffee, better known as whipped coffee, that absolutely blew up on the social media platform Tik Tok.

Essentially, it's equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and warm water that is whisked together for several minutes until it reaches a whipped pudding-like consistency.

Everyone's had a lot of fun with the whipped coffee trend, but let's be real—everyone drinks their coffee different.

Some drink it black, double double (if you're in Canada), and some like it less strong.

But one thing that makes the trend worth trying is enjoying it over a boozy breakfast staple, Baileys.

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Baileys is a coffee condiment staple for many, so it makes total sense that it could be added to whipped coffee for a boozy twist on the trend.

Jessica Hirsch from Instagram account @cheatdayeats created this chocolate strawberry-looking treat.

Instead of strawberry milk, however, the creamy pink liquid is actually a touch of red velvet Baileys added to milk.

You can either pour whipped coffee right over some Baileys on the rocks, or you can mix the Baileys into the whipped coffee mixture to add some extra indulgence.

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This is our kind of dalgona coffee!

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