New Mom Pays Tribute To 2020 By Naming Her Newborn 'Covid Bryant'

It's only natural for parents to name their kids with some kind of purpose - usually it's a matter of honoring loved ones who have come before, but sometimes it's about the meanings behind the names.

And in some cases, parents just want their kids' names to stand out and be memorable, or commemorate something special or momentous. It's hard to think of a more momentous time in recent history than 2020 has turned out to be so far.

One mother has apparently decided to bestow a very 2020 name on her newborn, naming her child (not pictured) 'Covid Bryant.'

That's according to a tweet from Nina Cayosa, who said she had seen the name pop up in the Philippines shortly after Manila's quarantine went into effect. Apparently the mom had been moved by both the lockdown conditions the child was born into, and the death of beloved NBA star Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in January.

Needless to say, people have some serious, heartfelt opinions about giving a child such a name.

"Parents should literally have a counseling first before naming their child," tweeted one person. "Bryant is OK but naming your kid after a virus? Seriously?"

"That name will forever haunt him," tweeted another.

Obviously, it was not popular online.

However, the name has yet to be corroborated with an official birth certificate, prompting some to express some hope that this is all just a hoax.

"There’s a small part of me begging for this to not be real," wrote one person.

"You can not be serious... is this real....this can't be real..nnnoooo... this ain't real....oh ma gahd it's probably real," wrote another.

Nevertheless, young Covid Bryant will have some company.

As Vice reported, naming kids after the coronavirus has experienced a surprising surge as the disease dominates headlines around the globe. Among others, the names Covid Lorraine and Covid Rose have been reported, and in India, a pair of twins were named Corona and Covid.

h/t: Vice