12+ People Who Should've Looked Closer

It is always crucial to double-check whatever it is you are doing. Whether it be setting up a security system, getting a family member to take your photograph, listening to advice from strangers on the internet, or sending a newspaper to print – it is paramount to double-check what it is you are doing as sometimes the most obvious mistakes are the hardest ones to spot!

So, with this idea in mind, here are 12+ people who should have double-checked!

"Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon..."

Reddit | cewallace9

This tiny prop cost the person who bought it $20. However, when people said that they should try and get a refund for a misleading product description, the person who posted this wrote, "it actually said 'doll house' in the title of the item..which I didn't bother to read. I was like 'oooo shiny' and ordered it. I'm a dumbass."

"Had to check to make sure Luna hadn't gotten into the edibles. They were all there, but I’m still suspicious..."

Reddit | jber43

Look, I'm not suggesting that your dog is definitely stoned, I'm just saying that I'm very, very, very sure that your dog may be stoned. Keep all snacks away from that dog for the foreseeable future.

"Someone brought these bills to the bank they tried to sanitize in a microwave."

Reddit | Jamaisfaux

Now, I have been known to burn through cash, but this is something else!

"You're sure that's the right word?"

Reddit | cold94

Frogs can be pitchers, too! I pray for the day when MLB appreciates what the amphibian population can offer the game.

"A professor at my university didn't check their sources for this public display."

Reddit | bigpoppinstlye

The actual scientific name for Viagra is apparently "Sildenafil citrate." However, I much prefer Mycoxafloppin.

I Don't Think They Understand That Quote...

Reddit | welltechnically7

This sign was actually used to advertise a bible shop! People really need to think about what a quote actually means before just slapping any old saying on a sign.

"Asked my aunt to take my pic to look like I was holding up the world. She said it was perfect. I didn't check it till we got home."

Reddit | skeletonmaster

You always have to double-check when a family member takes a photo for you! The person in the picture went on to write, "I asked her what she thought I wanted to be holding up and she said 'the statue'."

"Fighting an ant infestation in my kitchens. Didn't think to check my cereal box. Realized the small brown things are ants 6-8 bites in."

Reddit | bringbackflipphones

The ants will just add a bit of flavor! Also, you don't know how rich ants are in vitamins, so you should count yourself lucky!

(Disclaimer: Ants aren't full of vitamins, please don't eat them.)

"How Didn't They Realize It Was Sideways?"

Reddit | GrandmasAppleCake

She looks like she is flying through the air in an attempt to catch a falling baby. It really adds a sense of drama to what would be quite a standard picture.

"Why is there braille on vending machine number-pads when they can't see the numbers for the food?"

Reddit | P3SARI

I mean, I feel that the person who was designing this vending machine was trying so hard to be helpful, but just missed the mark.

"My teacher friend thought a student was checking the time too often during a test..."

Reddit | Kylo_Melv

Cheating is so easy nowadays! Back in the day there used to be an art to cheating, like managing to program answers into a calculator or the like.

"Always check the fine print..."

Reddit | rbrthenderson

One person quite astutely asked, "When is diarrhea not urgent?" and the only answer I can think of is when you're already on the toilet.

"Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats!"

Reddit | BuddyBonButt

It's not only important to check the size of your pet's presents in case you're buying them a tiny climbing frame, but you also need to make sure you're not buying them a treat that is twice the size of the pet itself!

"Uhhh... you may wanna double check that."

Reddit | btg7471

There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you realize you've brought a different dog home from the dog park. Unless it's a better dog, then you just roll with it.

"My car has been making a rattling noise for awhile, so I took it in to get it checked out..."

Reddit | goodcommenter

I wonder how much it cost this person to get this amazing insight. However much it was, it probably wasn't as much as it cost them in pride.

*Irate Meowing*

Reddit | jetaimezombies

You literally had one job, based on these pictures. And that one job was throwing away those damn crocs!

The Importance Of Proof Reading

Reddit | Bruski2006

Calling someone butt dust is actually a really harsh burn, and not an insult that I would have expected to learn from a church programme.

"Daughter asked the Costco guy to draw a mermaid when he checked our receipt. He handed it back and muttered an apology to my wife..."

Reddit | TheUnbeliever

"Keep calm Carl, you can do this, just don't draw a penis and you'll be fine... Goddammit Carl."

"Apparently, Wells Fargo doesn't bother to check the ID photos you send them."

Reddit | sydneyowen

What if Todd's cat is actually the master in this relationship and is living its life more and more vicariously through Todd!

"Choose your words wisely."

Reddit | SleepyRabbitXVI

They knew exactly what they were doing! I can imagine that George Brownridge's wife got quite the shock reading this!

"I work at a restaurant. This note came with a check."

Reddit | jessersnake

Yep, I will now not be able to use any shakers on restaurant tables from now on without thoroughly cleaning them. Nice one for adding to my germophobia, guys!

"Special Offer!"

Reddit | soufiaj

What a steal! When life gives you lemons at a 0% discount, take the deal and make some reasonably-priced lemonade!

"Engineer 1: What's the date today? Oh idk."

Reddit | misfitsmanitoba

Look, it's not wrong... It's just not right! That has to count for something, doesn't it?

"Pilot set off a door alarm, but security needs to come check it out. He's been covering the siren for 5 minutes."

Reddit | HordeOfDoom

What was amazing about this was that the pilot in the picture found this post and commented, "I saw you took a picture of me (you aren't as stealthy as you think) and the first thing I thought was 'great I'm on someone's social media...' Stupid old DCA terminal has 1 door that's alarmed from the jetbridge, apparently I wasn't the first one to set it off."

"Ghost Baby!"

Reddit | bamagirl4210

The person who posted this went on to explain, "last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son. I was so freaked out, I barely slept. I even tried creeping in there with a flashlight while my son was sleeping. Well, this morning I go to investigate a bit further. It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets."

"I was given this in my Spanish class in year 7. It's Spanish colours."

Reddit | realkiddamage190

Some of them are still right I guess, so that's something? I used to hate getting the really patchy and poorly-printed handouts in school. Most of them were barely readable.

"Always check before buying a tape measure..."

Reddit | landmatt

"How long is it, Dave?"


"18 what?"

"Just write 18."


Reddit | nickts210

Not even the greatest hackers on the planet will be able to break into this building! Also, the people who work here really need to start washing their hands more!

"I'm not sure what to say..."

Reddit | blackthorn1984

You have to be extra careful in regards to what you're getting here. No misunderstandings, plenty of boundaries.

"Don't think my mum paid attention to the jumper she got me for Christmas."

Reddit | CallMeCurious

Or she paid plenty of attention and has a better sense of humor than you thought. Give her a little credit, she's got jokes!

"Hello? Is this the shop [that previously worked on this car]? Yeah just wanted to let you know I found your phone."

Reddit | Franklyimfrank

I don't know how bad of a mechanic you have to be to leave a whole home phone in the underbelly of a car, but judging by how mad this poster was, you've gotta be pretty bad.

"Can't tell which way this guy is facing."

Reddit | Ginger_Mammoth

Why have a window view or look at your phone when you could have a lovely flight staring at your headrest and creeping everyone around you out.

"Pretty sure they don't use that flag anymore."

Reddit | Archer0

Whoever designed this package is still holding some grievances. Here's hoping the product isn't actually sold in Germany, I guess.

"Almost Davidson."

Reddit | malleeman

Barely Davidson. Not quite Davidson. It could be, but it's not Davidson. Absolutely never Davidson.

"Something is wrong, I can feel it."

Reddit | Mr-Iosef

Seeing as he probably has a sugar addiction, I think the Cookie Monster would like Monster energy. Not sure about that first jacket though... Why does it just say cookie?

"We have unknowingly been using our light fixture as a fruit bowl in our new apartment."

Reddit | Onceagainhuman

I can't blame them. I always thought the bottoms of those lights would make for cute bowls.

"Almost set my cat on fire."

Reddit | ShirePony

Sometimes I feel like cats put themselves in risky situations on purpose just so they have an excuse to be grumpier.

"My mom crocheted this and didn't understand why we were all laughing hysterically when she showed it to us."

Reddit | SkettiSammich

Come on, the near skin-tone colors, too? She didn't notice that whole time? Apparently this is an actual crochet stitch. It's called "larkspur." You're welcome.

"I don't think I will be working there, actually."

Reddit | Stirling_Woodhouse

I don't think that's something you want to advertise right on the sign, Wendy's. That's a secret you keep until after they're hired.

"They used the wrong photo..."

Reddit | StrachNasty

Or they did. Maybe that was his reaction when he saw her – had that hot dog at the ready to slap her with.

"I don't want to jump to conclusions, but he might be cheating on me."

Reddit | The_Cat_Widow

While your evidence is solid, look at that face. At least if he did, you know he feels guilty about it. It was a one-time thing, he swears!

"Bought this 2x4 cause it was staring at me. I might never use it."

Reddit | RogueWave9

You could always cut that baby out, finish it, get it all smooth and play it off as a sculpture. You could even say you designed it.

"Read online that you could kill bacteria by microwaving your toothbrush head, even with electric ones as there is no metal in it? This is bullsh*t".

Reddit | Gpalla

Guys, you all need to stop putting stuff in the microwave that isn't meant to go in the microwave!

"My son figured out this trick today!"

Reddit | TheFidget99

The age-old classic...fooling younger siblings for generations now. At least she's still having fun. Or she thinks she is, anyway.

"My New York highways 1 dollar toll bill."

Reddit | Snailspaced

To me, this photo is the visual representation of a sigh. And, that's not just because of the obnoxious red arrows.