Quotes For Women Who Know The Eternal Struggle Of Wearing A Bra

All women know that if there is one thing that is true, it's that bras are super uncomfortable. Sure, they make our "girls" look nice and perky, but the downfalls of wire marks, back pain, and a lot of money to shell out for bras just doesn't cut it.

Who would even dare?

WHY? Just why would you want to put yourself through this pain?

They DO cost an arm and a leg!

Lets just face it, we need a better system.

Magic moves.

You never know how truly awful bras can be until taking one off changes your mood entirely.

Mind your business!

Leave me ALONE and leave my bra out of this conversation.

Does anyone wash their regularly? No? Same.

I feel like only monsters wash their bras often.

Seriously, who does this?

Planning a staycation means no bras and no problems. Living my best life over here.

Sounds awful.

Yeah, not really looking forward to all of that.


Sign me up.

We all love coming home to do the same thing.

It's basically the best feeling in the whole entire world.