17+ Moments That Prove It’s A Small World

The world is a truly immense place, with thousands of amazing things and places for you to see! However, every now and then, something happens that truly defies belief, something that shouldn't reasonably happen in a world as big as ours!

From people inexplicably bumping into Paul Rudd at multiple locations to a pediatrician having his life saved by a baby who saved years prior, here are 17+ moments that prove it's a small world!

If Only...

Twitter | @BrandonEsWolf

Okay, so maybe not the best one to kick things off with in terms of proving it is a small world... but I couldn't leave it out!

"Buddy at work secret Santa party legit just got gifted the same shirt he is wearing!"

Reddit | Dan_The_Salmon

I know that this is amazing and all; however, once you notice the facial hair on the man on the left, the picture takes on a whole other life.

You Look Just Like That Guy!

Twitter | @tmorello

If you're a big enough fan of Tom Morello to know what Tom Morello looks like, then you should be able to recognize him when you're talking to him!

Pediatrician Saved By A Baby They Had Cared For 30-Years-Earlier!

Reddit | jacobThozz17

Yes, this may seem farfetched and unbelievable, however, this has been proven to be true! Dr Michael Shannon saved Chris Trokey's life when Mr Trokey was born prematurely. And, many years later, Mr Tokey was able to return the favor when he saved Dr Shannon from a car wreck!

What Are The Odds?

Twitter | @ben_trauner

Now that I think about it, this has happened to me as well! Unless... wait, there's no way that they'd lie? Dammit, Marcus Mumford you lying bastard!

"Save money by using the same actor!"

Reddit | Llim

I like how the person who did this didn't even both trying to change the guy's facial features. Literally just threw a different hairstyle on him and gave him a different colored shirt, perfect!

Jeff Goldblum Is The Best

Twitter | @imchriskelly

And they called me mad for trying to start a religion praising the walking deity that is Jeff Goldblum! Well, I finally feel validated.

"The first time I went to my gf's house 12 years ago, the first thing I noticed is not only did we have the same fan, but we had both drawn faces on them."

Reddit | stueytaytay

This person went on to say, "We've now been married for 8 years and Bill and Andrew are still with us". They also said that the key to keeping the fans going for all of that time is plenty of lubricant!

Can You Have Dogs On The Bus?

Twitter | @mogvvai

I wonder how many random places that guy has managed to smuggle his chihuahua in to? I bet that chihuahua has seen some amazing things!

"Saw this photo posted here.. noticed I have the photo the grandmother took that day. (Bought at an antique shop years ago in PHX)."

Reddit | KSD4

What are the odds of the person who owned the photo realizing that? The person who posted this went on to say, "I was shocked I had purchased that photo a couple years ago because the kid was making a funny face."

How Do You Know I'm Not?

Twitter | @gonzotrucker

"Gee, you sure do have a lot of knives in this car mister."

"They're just props."

"Wow, that's a mighty impressive bucket of hands you've got on the back seat!"

"My friend met this guy in a bar in San Diego wearing the same T-shirt and drinking the exact same cocktail!!! What are the odds?"

Reddit | vinayaknair45

That looks like just the sort of drink that would be ordered by someone wearing a garish shirt like that!

Paul Rudd Being An Icon

Twitter | @TheWilderThings

I love that Pual Rudd is as chill in real life as he seems in interviews! Also, whatever skincare routine Paul Rudd is using, I need to start adopting.

"Found you, you son of a bitch!"

Reddit | Harry73127

Sure, the world may seem like a big place, but no one can hide forever! You put up a good fight Waldo, but the jig is up!

"The way the veins of the leaf align on the creases of the hand."

Reddit | admiralwan

Nature really never ceases to find ways to amaze and astound, does it? You could say it is unbe-leaf-able!

The Sarah Conundrum

Twitter | @SJSchauer

"Do you often find yourself talking to yourself?"

"Not now I've got you eh, Sarah!"


"Please stop writing things down."

"My lady friend wanted a piggy back picture on the beach and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too."

Reddit | sizertl

I love that the boyfriend actually looks a lot happier with the biker on his shoulders! Choose the person who makes you happiest!

"Me and a guy I met at a party wore the same mismatched socks."

Reddit | swagslug

If they only just swapped socks, then they could both have a matching pair. Although, would you really want to swap socks with a stranger at a party? I guess people do a lot worse at parties.

"That moment you realise your daughter is the same size as your Storm Troopers..."

Reddit | Jimmyhornet

Personally, I would rather have seen Darth Vader rocking that sweet jumper! I imagine that's how he dresses when he's on vacation from being a tyrannical overlord.

Fake ID Comes Home

Twitter | @kleo_patraa

What if you're actually not the bartender but the girl using the ID, and it turns out that you are the customer, and that all of your life has been a lie directed by David Fincher.