8+ Smart Products To Step Up Your Plant Game

Okay, guys. It is time to get serious... about your plants. (Or about the plants you're going to adopt after you read this article.)

Owning a plant can be a lot of work, and a big responsibility. These products will not only help you with your plant journey but make things so easy that you'll soon be angling for your own indoor garden.

First of all: a handy guide is a necessity.


So pick up a copy of a guide to plant care like Wild At Home by Hilton Carter. Now you have a starting point to keep your plants alive and thriving — and looking amazing.

Handmade planters.

Etsy | GoodIntentionsDesign

Handmade planters are so cool! Whether you want one in concrete, resin, or something else, the creativity of handmade planters way outstrips mass made ones.

There's a ton on Etsy, like this one from GoodIntentionsDesign!

Fertilizer spikes.


Feed your plants with absolute ease! Miracle-Gro has a plant food pack that comes with a handy spike to make a hole in your chosen plant's soil. Simply stick the food in the hole and let it do the work!

A plant monitor.


You've heard of baby monitors. Now get ready for... plant monitors! This plant monitor has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can monitor your most finicky plant's water, food, light, and temperature levels.

A set of sturdy garden tools.

Every reviewer on Amazon loves this gardening tool set. It's sturdy, well-made, and holds up against even the toughest of conditions. So yeah, it'll survive your meanest plants.

Get it on Amazon for $51.

This spray bottle.


How cute is this? This spray bottle/mister comes in a ton of different colors and is easily refillable. Have a cup of coffee and water your plants in style in the morning!

For your bigger plants, this watering can is a must.


Y'all, that gold is to die for. Of course you'll need a watering can for your bigger plants, so why not get a pretty one that you can proudly leave displayed as home decor?

Macrame plant holders.


How frickin' cute are these? If you want to get your plants off of your surfaces (or floor, don't lie), pick up this kit from Amazon! It comes with 3 hooks and 3 different macrame plant holders!

This soil enhancer.


No one knows plant care like coastal Canadians do. This marine phytoplankton (aka micro seaweed) soil enhancer from Marphyl is organic fertilizer made on Vancouver Island, Canada. It's good for your plants, and the environment!

This super cool herb garden kit.


How minimal and stylish do you want your herb garden to be? Because this meets all my criteria, tbh.

This herb garden kit comes with LED lights and a timer, and space to grow a ton of your favorite herbs. This would be totally perfect in a kitchen!

This cool af plant stand.


Um, not to sound dramatic, but if I don't buy this for my house, I may die. It's so cool! I love the clean lines and the unexpected shape of the pots.

The ugly, yet necessary sticky traps.


Plants and bugs just go hand in hand. Pick up a pack of glue traps to hide amongst your plants and let them do the dirty work. Goodbye, indoor bugs!

As one Amazon review said, these are "definitely effective".

Propagate your clippings in style.


Once you've mastered plant clippings and propagation, you're going to need somewhere to grow your new ones! Enter this cute af plant stand, which you can keep on your desk.

This half-moon planter.

Urban Outfitters

Holy crap, I need this. This article has just turned into my plant wishlist. Good thing I have excellent taste in planters, am I right?

Anyway, this tiny planter is available for $14 on Urban Outfitters, which is... actually a great deal.

These stacking ceramic planters.

Coming Soon

Make your planters as tall or as short as you want with this unique design. These ceramic planters come in traditional terracotta and white, so you can pick the best one to match your decor!