8+ Disney Characters People Actually Hate

Thanks to the magical world of Disney, we've been introduced to some of the most memorable characters of all time.

There's Woody from Toy Story and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. But that's not to say that every character is well-liked.

In fact, there are some that people actually — gasp — hate.

Let us know if your faves made the list!

1. Mr. Incredible from *The Incredibles*

This Twitter user said that he looks like the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul and, therefore, they hate him.

Mr. Incredible won't be feeling so incredible after hearing this...

2. Elsa from *Frozen*

"I sometimes get flack [sic] for saying this, maybe it's overexposure but I'm so fed up of seeing her."

"I much preferred her sister."

"She's bland, arrogant, she's not even the [sic] close to being the best character in her own movie and her song annoys me no end." - Redditor Tiny-toker

I'd say let it ~goooo~, but that will probably just further annoy this person.


Elsa isn't the only Disney character people hate. Her sister, Anna, also caught some flak.

We've even got a whole article about it...

3. The Evil Queen from *Snow White*


"The Queen from Snow White wanted her dead just because she was prettier. She gained nothing else from Snow White's death. Not power, not riches, not even a handsome prince." - Redditor GenericGuy4

But oh, it gets worse.

"She wanted someone dead just out of pure petty jealousy. Even worse, she initially refused to do the dirty work herself and sent a reasonable, innocent man to do it for her," they added.

We'll leave out the original fairy tale version where she also wanted to eat Snow White's lungs and liver...

4. Prince Phillip from *Sleeping Beauty*

The question of consent in Sleeping Beauty has turned the former favorite into a movie that's been banned from some primary schools!

5. Merida from *Brave*

When Brave came out, people were so happy to have a feminist character who didn't need a man.

But the reception wasn't entirely warm.

Redditor Mystical_Novelist pointed out a few of her annoying quirks.


This included how she acts like a child and "ends up hurting the people around her."

6. Ariel from *The Little Mermaid*


"Ariel, the whole entire story could have been prevented had she been happy with her gadgets and gizmos a plenty, but nooooo she wanted more." - Redditor Chinese Powah

Ugh, spoiled Ariel and her search for legs and love!!

7. Mary Poppins from *Mary Poppins*

Not even Emily Blunt playing the character could save her likeability, since some people hated the live-action version too...

8. Mickey Mouse from *Mickey Mouse Clubhouse*


"Mickey. His annoying, up beat, [sic] personality makes me want to force his face into a blender." - Redditor Jaymez82

Um, sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today?

9. Olaf from *Frozen*

"Good for a few laughs but he got old fast for me. Disney Magical World 2 didn't help improve him for me due to having to escort him to the boat then to Anna and Elsa's castle (hate how you lose the ability to run when you're stuck escorting characters like that [...])" - Redditor DukeSRB

Sounds like someone doesn't want to build a snowman...


"i hate olaf [sic] from frozen so much its unreal," another added on Twitter.

Could it be that he's happy all the time?

12. Rapunzel from *Tangled*

Twitter | @kathleenkelly

So this person didn't really give a reason, but hey, if you hate someone enough, maybe you don't need a reason!

10. Ursula from *The Little Mermaid*

She is quite the poor, unfortunate soul.

The only thing that will save her is Melissa McCarthy potentially playing her in the upcoming live-action remake!

11. Scar from *The Lion King*

"I despise Scar, honestly. One of the most disturbing moments in my young life was watching that entire scene where Mufasa dies." - Redditor FailHorn

--this Redditor, speaking to his therapist.

13. Terk from *Tarzan*

"Love this film and soundtrack but I bloody hate Terk."

"No reasoning behind it other than her voice goes through me."


"She's a bit mean to little Tarzan in front of other gorillas and I like the elephant more." - Tiny-toker

14. Maui from *Moana*

"Just the general attitude. IMO he seems like a Percy Jackson gone wrong. Personally roll my eyes whenever I watch Moana thanks to his attitude. His song is kinda repetitive IMO." said user DukeSR8.

15. The Screenslaver from *Incredibles 2*


"I don't hate the character just for being the villain. No, the idea for 'The Screenslaver' is very good, but it could've been done better."

"The whole Dad thing seems not like a legitimate reason to dow hat [sic] she did, and to me, it just seems like Disney was pulling out with a 'They had a tragic past, so of course they became Evil!' story."

"I didn't understand her relationship with her brother, and overall, the way that she did her things weren't even good."

"And when Helen Paar/Elastagirl [sic] figured out her plan, it just seemed...weak to me."


"I'm pretty sure that if you enslaved some of the most powerful and influential superheroes and made them bad, that would've been much more effective." - Mystical_Novelist