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Zach Braff Reveals He Almost Fought With Anne Hathaway's Dad

Here's something I never thought I'd say: Zach Braff almost got into a fight with Anne Hathaway's dad.

While that definitely sounds like it could be a scary encounter for Zach, it's actually a pretty funny story...

Okay, so, before we dive into this story, there are a few key details you need to know.

Let me take you back to 2008, real quick.

The Dark Knight had just hit theaters, you probably had a Motorola Razr, MSN was your main source of communication, life was good.

But a lesser-known fact about 2008 is that Anne Hathaway was dating an Italian con-artist, named Raffaello Follieri.

The pair, at that point, had been together for four years.

Of course, at the time, she didn't know she was in bed with a criminal. But she was in for a rude awakening.

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Shortly after their break-up, he was charged with defrauding investors out of millions of dollars.

Ultimately, Raffaello pleaded guilty to 14 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.

Allegedly, Anne had no knowledge that her boyfriend was involved in any criminal activity while they were together.

Nonetheless, she still found herself wrapped up in one of New York City’s most notorious celeb scandals.

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Naturally, she and Raffaello split up, and he went on to serve four-and-a-half years in jail and was deported back to Italy.

It was a whole mess.

Anyway, now that you have some background information on Anne and her ex-boyfriend, let's get into the reason we're all here today: Zach Braff and Anne's dad.

Zach and Anne's dad almost had it out due to a classic case of mistaken identity.

At the premiere of the musical Les Miserables, Zach attempted to approach and greet Anne, only to nearly be accosted.

“I know Anne Hathaway as an acquaintance. I’m walking towards her to say congratulations,” he recalled.

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“Her father stands ups and gives me this look like: ‘I’m going to kill this [expletive]."

"He’s got the balls to crash my daughter’s premiere? I’m going to strangle him!'”

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Now, you're probably wondering, 'Why on earth would Anne Hathway's dad have a problem with Zach Braff?'

Well, he doesn't. He does, however, have a problem with Anne's con-man ex-boyfriend who happens to resemble Zach quite a bit.

“I got within 10 feet of [Hathaway’s dad] and his face just [expletive] broke," Zach explained.

"Sighed with a breath of relief realizing it was me and not the ex-boyfriend."

Interestingly, this wasn't the first time Zach was mistaken for Raffaello Follieri.

He recalled running into Eddie Murphy at a coffee shop a while back, and having them point out his and Raffaelo's likeness as well.

“‘Anybody ever tell you you look like Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend that went to jail?,'” Zach remembered Eddie asking.

“Yeah, ’cause I was watching the news and I was like, ‘That looks like the dude from ‘Scrubs‘!'”

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While their resemblance isn't exactly uncanny, it's definitely noticeable.

Unfortunately for Zach, it almost landed him in a fight with a complete stranger.

Hopefully, this doesn't become a regular thing. I'm guessing Raffaelo has quite a few enemies...

What do you think of Zach Braff's encounter with Anne Hathaways dad at the premiere of *Les Miserables*?

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Do you see the resemblance between him and Anne's ex-boyfriend?

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